Wizard101: I met Harry Potter in Grizzleheim!


Well, he’s a POTTER, and he’s HAIRY, so he’s a HAIRY POTTER, right?

I was a level and a half from level 20 tonight, I wasn’t sure I’d make it to 20 — the starting level for the Grizzleheim quests — but I finished the quest chain in the pyramid and dinged 20 on the final quest. It was clearly meant to be :)

I have barely looked at Grizzleheim since there was really no reason to do it with my Grandmaster. But now that Marissa, my 20 Myth wizard, and Allison, my 30 Balance wizard, are both ready… I’ll be writing quite a bit about their paths through the expansion.

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  1. xDDD funny,lol i lost my subscription,but this friday im gonna get 5000 crown so ill unlock krokotopia and grizzelhiem

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