Daily Blogroll 8/11 — Cataclysm edition

Gnome conga line

Hey, everyone ELSE returns to WoW…. And why not? Rumor has it that Blizzard is definitely going to introduce the Worgen and Goblin races as new playable races… something ever World of Warcraft player has been expecting since before Burning Crusade was announced. With news of the new expansion and the Starcraft II delays already making the rounds, Green Armadillo asks what else could Blizzard possibly have in waiting to surprise Blizzcon attendees?

Eager to try out Dungeons and Dragons Online Unlimited when it goes live next month? Syp at Bio Break has some great pointers for letting your group know that you are no noob, you are a l33t d20-rollin’ playah like them!

If you’re interested in preparing for Guild Wars 2’s “Hall of Monuments”, which displays your notable accomplishments from Guild Wars and its expansions, Ravious of Kill Ten Rats has the skinny on some of the monuments and what the require. Don’t expect it to be easy, but at least you know what you’ll be doing until GW2 is released. Guild Wars is one of the best single player RPGs on the market — the notion that you can play solo or with others is just the icing on an already tasty cake.

Yes, I KNOW Guild Wars calls itself a MMO, and YES I know that you can have huge arena battles. Okay? I was just making a point that it is a very good SOLO experience if you want it to be. Sheesh.

Dear Moorgard: Pictures or it didn’t happen.

Noted hardcore PvP-er Syncaine hopes that Warhammer’s patch 1.3.1, intended to make the core city sieges somewhat less grueling, will bring some life to what was always intended to be the centerpiece of the entire game. I hope so. Though I don’t PvP much, I like some of the innovation Warhammer brought to the genre which has already influenced newer games such as Champions Online. Lively competition in the MMO genre keeps companies from stagnation. Werit headed to the player test realm for some hands-on experience with the new city sieges.

Since the patch earlier this year that brought the Life school spell Rebirth — a group resurrect/heal/damage shield that anyone can cast (as a treasure card) — 4v4 arena fights in Wizard101 have been known to drag on for hours. The last one I tried was pushing two hours with absolutely no end in sight before I decided I had better things to do with my life, but better people than me stick it out. After a seven hour duel, Stingite at The Friendly Necromancer reports that one group received just 11 fame (nearly nothing) for winning their tediously long battle. Should treasure cards be disallowed for PvP? How can this be fixed?

And lastly, Melmoth of KiaSA recounts the solitary but rewarding life of the master craftsman.

Just four more days until the weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Daily Blogroll 8/11 — Cataclysm edition”

  1. Just to clarify:

    Yes, I KNOW Guild Wars calls itself a MMO, and YES I know that you can have huge arena battles. Okay? I was just making a point that it is a very good SOLO experience if you want it to be. Sheesh.

    No, Guild Wars *NEVER* called itself an MMO. In fact, every single magazine/internet interview they did prior to launch — and also during beta to us players — they made a big deal that “this is not an MMO.” But when the interviews went to print, the headlines always read something along the lines of “New Fantasy…MMO…awesome graphics…no monthly fee” and only reading the actual article did anyone ever see that it was not intended to be thought of as a real MMORPG.

    Also, “real” GW players do not consider ourselves + 7 AI to be “solo.” It’s a full group, it’s just not a full group of human players. “Solo” in GW means you’re the only character at all in the zone and are able to fight certain monsters solo.

  2. I believe one term ArenaNet has used is CORPG – Competitive Online RPG. In the description on the ArenaNet website they certainly only talk about “online roleplaying game”. No massively multiplayer.

    The game certainly appeals to the same target audience and is categorised as an MMO on most gaming sites though. But I think this only shows that there is not really as distinct and clear definition of what an MMORPG actually is.

    It was probably a good move or ArenaNet to not label themselves as an MMORPG since they did things different than most MMOs and somewhat less perceived persistence – they would have received more criticism if they had called themselves that.

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