Daily Blogroll 7/23 — Aftermath edition

Statue District on Quarterstone in Chronicles of Spellborn

Okay, THAT was a day of good discussion, so thanks, Wolfshead :) Why did I feel your “first impressions” article needed rebutting? Well, SOMEONE had to stand up (and thanks to Hudson, who did!). I couldn’t say that stuff about WoW and expect to come away without comment. In grand blogging tradition, Wolfshead now has a rebuttal to my rebuttal :)

Adding fuel to this smoldering fire, Warhammerer does the same first few minutes analysis to SOE’s Vanguard. That company just can’t catch a break these days, even if it had sealed box with the words “WARNING — DO NOT OPEN — LIVE BREAK” stenciled on it.

Planning on playing Aion when it comes out, or have you pre-ordered it and are now allowed to play on the preview weekends? Naamah of Aionic Thoughts has some useful tips which will make your game flow more smoothly. Naamah also has some screenshots of the new lingerie introduced with the latest, 1.5 patch. This is the last major patch before release, if I remember right.

Stingite at Friendly Necromancer shows off the new sword he got from a code in Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer magazine. Pretty swanky, looks like an EQ1 epic…

Hey, did you hear that Sam Raimi of “Evil Dead” fame is making a new movie? About World of Warcraft? Zoso of Killed in a Smiling Accident managed to snag a few pages of the shooting script. Hilarity ensues when the Hunter rolls “need” on everything.

Anjin is concerned that Champions Online won’t encourage solo play, but then corrects himself. Truth is, Champions Online supports solo play the way EQ2 does. You can solo, but you won’t be able to do a certain portion of the quests from the yellow exclamation point dotted quest hubs unless you have a group available.

Yellow exclamation points above the heads of NPCs clustered in quest hubs? Not sounding super-heroish? Green Armadillo is just not a fan of the WoW model at all.

After Saylah of Mystic Worlds has been going on about the multi-boxing lifestyle in World of Warcraft, Spinks chimes in with the goods and bads of duoing through WoW.

Keen continues with his look back to the elder days of MMO gaming with his latest article on the importance of factions in old EverQuest. I remember getting my dark elf shadow knight loved in Rivervale!

And lastly (early meeting today) — as seen on Rock, Paper, Scissors, and from the creator of Crayon Physics Deluxe, a Post-It Note shooter.

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  1. I don’t actually dislike vanguard. I actually think more people should try it based on what its fans say about it. Its one of those games I am interested in but am only trying now. So please go kindly on my thoughtless comments.

  2. Ooh, loot rolls, that’s an idea for the next scene. I mean, err, I wonder if they’ll feature on the next scene our “source” gets hold of…

  3. Thanks for pointing out my error to the entire blogging community. :) I am glad that got straightened out so fast, though

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