EQ2: Goodbye, Najena. Hello, Antonia Bayle.

Pulling lizards in the Sanctum of Fear

After naming their name/gender change potion “Norrathian Witness Protection Program”, I was thinking SOE would have a cool name for the item that let you switch your server, but it’s just called “Character Transfer Token”. So boring. Why not “Commotion Potion for Interworld Motion” or something?

But they went with Character Transfer Token. And it costs 2,500 SOE Bucks, which is $25.00. Great deal, right? Except that you can’t just buy 2,500 SOE Bucks. You can buy 2,000, or you can buy 5,000. So if you want to transfer one character, you’re going to have to buy 5,000 for $50, transfer your character, and have $2,500 left over. I guess you could transfer another character. Or buy some house items or something.

Me, I transferred another character. Two, actually (so yes, I have 2,500 SOE Bucks in my wallet now).

I transferred the characters, looked for a group for awhile with my 80 Inquisitor — for whom I felt I had to apologize in my LFG message for only being geared through Kunark and having nothing from TSO, which likely led to her not getting any invites.

I wasn’t that surprised, and to be honest, I don’t really care if she gets groups at this time. A gear reset is coming with the expansion, and that will be the time to catch up. For now, if she can help my troubadour main do some of the “solo” quests, I’ll be happy. Partnering like that is how I managed to get through the Kunark quests and make it to 80 in the first place.

I browsed the web a bit and patched EQ2 on my other computer, and when that was done, I saw that a group needed a healer for the Temple of Cazic-Thule. Now, there’s a place with a lot of memories. That’s where I leveled Dina to 50, back when 50 was the level cap.

Got the group invite, tried to remember how to get to the Feerott, then tried to remember the path THROUGH the Feerott to the dungeon, eventually made it there, and there we were. They were dubious about having a defiler as a sole healer, but by the end of the evening, the only deaths were from people being idiots. You’d think people would want to let the tank get aggro before nuking, but… nope. I did what I could, but when me trying to keep jerks alive let the tank die, they had to be content with the occasional group heal.

It was a straight up dungeon crawl, and I had fun. None of the insane pressure of TSO dungeons. Didn’t need my mythical or super amazing gear. Just a group of random players, having fun.

I’ve always felt the real fun of any MMO isn’t found at max level, where achievers constantly keep things on the edge, but lower down, where you aren’t expected to be amazing, just good company.

Tomorrow, I start the long process of separating my stuff from guild stuff on Najena so I can bring Dina over. She’ll be Tipa on Antonia Bayle, so I’ll again have a character with the same name I use as an online handle :)

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12 thoughts on “EQ2: Goodbye, Najena. Hello, Antonia Bayle.”

  1. Tipa, congrats on the successful server transfer. I just start playing EQ2 again in the last week and I’ve been amazed at the amount of true newbies in 1-9 chat. They are everywhere. I’m trying to level up a new dirge and I know it’s going to be a tall order. I just couldn’t bring myself to play my 80 Fury anymore as they just as not wanted in raids. I look forward to hearing more of your EQ2 adventures.

  2. Come to AB :) There was an actual, real newbie in the CT group last night. I had my suspicions when he wondered how the assassin could tell what mobs were nearby, and wondered if there was a hack involved…

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! Welcome home to Antonia Bayle! I’m so excited you’re all coming over. Now I’ll have people to play with again!!! WHEEEEE!!!!!

  4. Why the sudden interest in the AB server? Is it a population thing, or does this stem from a desire to RP in game more?

  5. Welcome back to AB! You just missed the Festival of Unity, but Festival of Discord will be coming up in the Fall. There are tavern nights nearly every night of the week. And other special events all the time. Town Square on guildportal tries to keep track of things – fairly decent calendar there.

  6. There is a way to get 2500sc. Simply buy a freerealms sc card from Bestbuy. The catch to using the FR cards, Is that You have to redeem them in Freerealms and Your eq2 must be on the same account. I have already done this several time to buy eq2 cashshop items.

  7. “I was thinking SOE would have a cool name for the item that let you switch your server, but it’s just called “Character Transfer Token”.”

    Sorry I am not that creative, I will have someone look at changing the item name. This is what you get when engineers name items :)

  8. Tipa,

    Welcome to AB – I love reading about your MMO adventures and check eagerly for new updates.

    Please look up our guild on AB when you get a chance – Queens Guards, well established and great group of folks. Send a tell if you see me online and say “Hi!!”, I’ll be watching for the denizens of Tipa /grin



  9. I’ll look you up to say hello if nothing else. Desire my Hobbity nature, though, all my characters are evil. Does Antonia really want Freeps in her Guard?

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