Daily Blogroll 7/13 — Monday is Funday edition

No matter what gender or profession, everyone in Draconica Online wears pretty much the same outfit...

Like an ebbing tide, the weekend slowly recedes, leaving behind the flotsam and jetsam of yet another Monday. Only a few years too late to knock ’em dead in Mrs. Moran’s 3rd grade English class on similes.

Are the World of Warcraft’s raids too dependent on scripting to be done by unaided humanity? I haven’t played WoW in a few years, but it’s sounding more and more like WoW raids are just a multiplayer, more colorful version of the old “Dragon’s Lair” video game, where you had to move to lit-up squares in a room to defeat monsters. Actually it sounds EXACTLY like it, as Copra found out to his dismay. WoW raiding — an update of a classic 80’s video game for a new generation.

Spinks wonders why people agree to “boost” other people through high level dungeons. I first heard this term from my son, when he would get his Diablo II characters boosted to level 99, and then turn around and boost others (basically, powerleveling). And then he did it in EverQuest II, and in Call of Duty 4. Someone even asked ME to “boost” them through Wizard 101. I don’t think this says anything about the laziness of players, more than just the design of a game that isn’t as much fun played as intended.

Wizard’s Journey has a great post on this weekend’s “Wizard 101 Meet & Greet”, a fantastic opportunity for W101 bloggers and readers to meet up and get on each other’s friend lists. I wasn’t able to attend, but I’ve heard from reliable sources that a fun time was had by all.

Brad McQuaid continues wearing his public hair shirt of taking the piss for other people’s problems leading to the downfall of Sigil in “The All-Star Team“. Sigil hired the best and the brightest, and got a team of MMO superstars all pulling in different directions, claims Brad.

Petter of Don’t Fear the Mutant is taking Final Fantasy XI for a spin, and it’s fun reliving those heady times again, through his adventures. He started off in Windurst, while I started off in Sand Oreo, so I can see why he didn’t stay in the Dunes — he came at them from the wrong side (the low level stuff is on the Oreo side).

Struggling to remain afloat in any form, Chronicles of Spellborn is going Free-to-Play, but with a cash shop. I’m having a tough time figuring out what a game where gear and loot is severely de-emphasized in favor of player skill could offer in a cash shop. Maybe a more standard “press this button until everything is dead” interface. Whatever. Beau of Spouse Aggro looks at several different ways in which Spellborn could relaunch itself as a F2P title.

And finally Gordon of We Fly Spitfires revels in misogyny as he compares MMOs to women. Quick summary: Age of Conan – slut. World of Warcraft – your willing love slave who doesn’t mind if you cheat on her. Extra points for comparing EVE Online to the Soviet Union…

A Monday full of meetings at work! So I’d better be going. See you tomorrow, and keep gaming!

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9 thoughts on “Daily Blogroll 7/13 — Monday is Funday edition”

  1. I’ve done a very minor bit of boosting in the DDO beta, because my character’s mostly one class, but with two levels of another class to start with, and I want to get them out of the way as soon as I can, to play using the abilities and skills I’ll be using for most of the game.

    But powerlevelling to the cap in something like diablo… I can’t really understand the appeal. I can /see/ it – I just don’t get it.

  2. Woot, I’ve started a trend! Next up, MMORPGs are like countries…. hmm, actually that’s pretty good :) I’m gonna use that hehe.

    Great post btw Green Armadillo!

  3. re: boosting

    the more things change, the more they stay the same. powerleveling has its uses. When it’s a reflection of our fast food society, when cartoons aren’t playing for fun, boosting becomes spawn of satan behavior.

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