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The Myrmidon "The End of Innocence" flying out of the Federation Navy station at Aunia

I love the feeling of peace and serenity EVE Online gives. And then sometimes weird, exciting stuff happens. A corps-mate and I were testing weapons fire and tank abilities last night when a battle broke out behind us as rival corps met outside a station. It was great, and for some reason reminded me of the very first story I ever read about EVE Online, about The Great Scam which put the game on everyone’s long range scanners.

I haven’t done a blogroll in a few days, what with the holiday and being the on-call developer this week. So this will be a short one.

The biggest news from yesterday was of the professor who role-played a griefing PvPer in City of Heroes and made people angry with him — for SCIENCE. First off, who cares? Who doesn’t expect childish behavior from PvPers? Of course, the point is that the City of Heroes players had decided upon an unwritten code of conduct that the professor chose to ignore.

Still struggling with the “why should I care” bit. But I’ll be online in Wizard 101 talking up my neo-Nazi propoganda tonight… FOR SCIENCE.

Tobold noted yesterday that with the Chinese WoW servers offline for an extended period as ownership changes hands and the Chinese government decides how much it wants a Western MMO to corrupt its children vs the home-grown varieties of MMO crack, that WoW no longer can brag about 11 million players. Instead, it’s probably just keeping ahead of… Free Realms

Yes, I know a WoW player is worth more than a Free Realms player. But people brag about the numbers so much, and even a FR player is worth more than a Chinese player, given the very, very, very small amount of money Blizzard makes from any given Chinese player.

Faced with a spare WoW account, Saylah does what anyone would do — take the new duo out and three-box her way to fame and fortune in Azeroth. She could just run three screens and switch between them, but that would be boring. Much better to jump right into the deep end with carefully chosen macros and helper programs to make things simple and easy.

Syncaine identifies the major problem with most modern MMOs — the game won’t let you fail. You simply cannot make a non-viable character. If you can make a crappy character, his reasoning goes, then you also have the ability to make a really custom character that plays to all your strengths and is truly individual.

I remember putting lots of agility on my EverQuest druid because I thought it would help her get hit less. As opposed to, say, wisdom… she was gimped from that moment on, but I always treated it like an endearing handicap. But then, attributes in EQ were kinda broken.

Is Aion already yesterday’s MMO? Where just a couple short weeks ago, Aion was being hailed as the perfect polished paragon of WoW-like pulchritude, now people are wondering if it’s just too much of the same old. Keen is already bored with leveling characters through the cookie-cutter content-on-rails newbie areas (mostly identical for both factions, too). Syp sees nothing in Aion he hasn’t seen done better in other games, so why go through it again?

I loved what I saw in Aion, but I pledged to myself not to play any more grindy level-to-the-endgame MMOs. I have EQ2 for that, and one is enough. So I won’t be playing Aion, despite having had fun in it.

Warhammerer has been writing for some time now about a new MMO just out of beta, Ether Saga. I really haven’t heard much about this game anywhere. Sounds like it’s still shaking out those new game bugs, though.

And lastly (since I have just been paged to GET TO WORK), Gordon at We Fly Spitfires writes about why single player RPGs can never give the same sense of satisfaction and accomplishment found in an MMO — accomplishments mean nothing if there’s nobody to share them with. I agree with every single word.

Wow, Wednesday already! Week goes by so fast. See you tomorrow, and keep gaming!

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7 thoughts on “Daily Blogroll 7/8”

  1. The thing that’s absolutely staggering about the Blizzard numbers, even minus China, is that they represent ACTIVE accounts that have been used in the last month. We don’t know how many of FR’s registered accounts are active, but I can guarantee you that it’s at least two less than whatever number Smedley announces on twitter, since my wife and I just haven’t gotten around to playing in well over a month.

  2. True, but Blizzard never mentions that certain players are worth very very much more than other players in its numbers, it’s all about just having a bigger number than the other game, even if it is comparing apples and pears to oranges.

    If Free Realms is honest with its numbers, then they will add up the number of members and the number of free users who have played in the last month. But I imagine they will stick with number of registered accounts, a number that can never decrease.

  3. Correction Tip: I never said I was bored. :) I said that I’m not trying not to play or level characters because I want to preserve that ‘new’ feeling and excitement for the actual launch. I find Aion to be incredibly engaging and fun, which is exactly why I do not want to play right now. I know myself (Learning more about my gaming habits every day) and if I play now I WILL regret it.

    Are the first ten levels cookie cutter? Well, yeah. It’s not one bit different from any MMO’s first ten levels. That doesn’t make it bad, just predictable.

    In your blogroll here you allude to it losing some of the pizazz it had a few weeks ago, but in fact I believe this common trend of scaling back playtime in beta from people is a sign that it has solidified itself as people’s next game.

    Aion does what we already know. All the hot-shot smart mouths out there want to be quick to point this out as Aion’s biggest flaw, yet they fail to acknowledge that it does all of these things well and in some cases better than we’ve seen yet.

  4. Also remember that the Aion were playing isn’t the 1.5 version that the NA game will be shipped with. Supposedly quest rewards will be much better and there will be many more quests added to help with the leveling process. I really enjoyed CB3, and am really looking forward to the next beta test where I plan on focusing on pvp this time around.

  5. I haven’t had a chance to read any of the links yet, but I hope that image at the means you’ve started flying myrmidons. I love that ship.

  6. Yup, that’s my new baby. 26% all resists, 72% when I have the hardeners running, can dive into the middle of half a dozen frigates and destroyers and have them all dead before the shields are even gone.

  7. Hello I was wondering if you would like to come for the first ever blog meet and greet. Where fans meet the bloggers and bloggers meet other bloggers. This would take place Sunday, July 12 at 5pm eastern time if you can make it get back to me but if you can’t we will try to change the date and time so we can all make it. Hope to see you there

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