Wizard 101: KingsIsle responds to crafting and boss fight issues

Proving again just how awesome they are, KingsIsle will patch in some reagent and crafting changes early tomorrow morning. I’ll have an “in game” report about the changes tomorrow evening.

There will be an update to Wizard101 July 8th at 3am Central US Time that will include the following important updates!

Enhanced Boss Encounters Update

The bosses of the Spiral have been taught a lesson by Merle Ambrose, and they will no longer interrupt your combat! All the Enhanced Boss Battles are back to normal, but the bosses have kept their knowledge of Power Pips, and they will earn and use Power Pips just like a Wizard.

Crafting Updates

More Mist Wood and Scrap Iron will be appearing in the Spiral, and should be easier for Wizards to find as they learn the ways of Reagents and Crafting.

Cool down timers on some recipes have been lowered to allow Wizards to create items more quickly.

Reagents have been added as rewards for Mini Games!

The reagents needed for Treasure Cards have been reduced, most notably the number of Treasure Card ingredients needed to create the final Treasure Card.

The descriptions for some of the Craft-able Items were incomplete and should now reflect all the bonuses the items grant the player.

Treasure Card Updates

Harold Argleston in the Wizard City Library, and Zan’ne in the Krokotopia Library will have some of their inventory of Treasure Cards renewed, but at a cost. Treasure Cards in the Library will be more expensive than in the Bazaar, and the Bazaar will be more expensive than Crafting your own Treasure Cards. *

Quest Updates

The Weapons Cache in Merkholm will once again allow players to interact with it, without having to switch Realms.

Death Students will be acknowledged for completing the Sweet Revenge quest.

Stump Worms will be appearing once again for the Good Eats quest.

Housing Update

The Wallpaper and Floor textures that had suddenly turned pink and purple for many Wizards, will once again appear as their normal wallpaper and floor patterns!

Thank you to all our young Wizards who gave us feedback and bug reports!

See you in Wizard City!

~Professor Greyrose

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2 thoughts on “Wizard 101: KingsIsle responds to crafting and boss fight issues”

  1. Bosses using power pips makes sense, and while it makes things a bit harder, I think it’s a smart thing to let the bosses do. I still think that they should have had “heroic” boss fights as an option for the puzzle fights, and let players choose.

    Reagents as minigame rewards is another good idea. I’d even go so far as to put reagents in instead of gear, since only the weakest characters can use the gear rewards.

    That doesn’t fix crafting, but it should help.

    I still don’t like no Trade/No Auction.

  2. I didn’t get to play many of the enhanced boss battles (real-life schedule didn’t hasn’t left nearly enough time for gaming recently) but I’m sorry to see them go. I haven’t finished the game yet, but I feel most of the boss fights blurring together in my mind and was excited by the prospect of boss fights that challenged players to develop new strategies (or look up strategies online ). Oh well, the game is still enjoyable, but I wish I had gotten a chance to experience some of the more interesting “puzzle” fights.

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