*EXCLUSIVE* Wizard 101 wallpaper!

Wizard City wallpaper

**EDIT**: I apologize — the service I used to host the wallpaper instead shrunk it. I have replaced that link with a link to the full sized, 1280×1024 version.

I got a shocking letter from Fernando Blanco of KingsIsle today. As a thank you gift for all the Wizard 101 players who read my blog, the artists have drawn up a “cast list” of all the faculty and staff at the Ravenwood School for the Magical Arts… look closely, because if I’m guessing right, Wizard 101 Director J. Todd Coleman himself (or someone who looks a lot like him) sneaked in while they were gathering for the photograph (see if you can pick him out)!

Click on the smaller picture above to view or download it at its full 1280×1024 size.

And yes, this is my desktop wallpaper now :)


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19 thoughts on “*EXCLUSIVE* Wizard 101 wallpaper!”

  1. So clever and beautifully done. I’m happy for you.

    You deserve it. You have helped Kingsisle promote the Wizard101 game …. and, you have consistently given us wise gaming advice/tips.

    I think that is Todd standing between Prospector Zeke and Dalia Falmea (fire school).

  2. 1280×1024 is how it was sent to me. I can expand it in Photoshop if you like, but there won’t be more detail.

  3. @Tipa
    Aww. I was hoping the original was larger.
    Enlarging it in Photoshop will just produce a blurry enlarged version.

    Thanks anyways though :)

  4. Hmmm you’re right. Last time I host a picture at Photobucket. I’ll fix it when I get home. Good catch – thanks’

  5. Sweet. Now I want to pick W101 up again. It’s one game that I’ll likely never uninstall, and will likely always hold up as a good example, but there’s just so much to do…

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