SOE Fan Faire ’09 — Complete Vanguard news from the keynote

So, that’s that.

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15 thoughts on “SOE Fan Faire ’09 — Complete Vanguard news from the keynote”

  1. More a comment than a joke. Thom Terrazas, ex-producer of both Vanguard and Planetside, stood up there and didn’t mention either of them.

    Come on, folks. Throw the loyal VG players a bone, even just a little one.

  2. How many fans is that? I have two hands to use…

    My favorite “Vanguard will stay running” argument is that it now has an RMT shop…why do people think that will save a BAD game?

    Really, those two games I bet are on SOE’s radar. We should note such ignorance of those games by SOE as a sad sign for their fans.

  3. Matrix got yanked because the revenue from subscriptions didn’t cover the costs – especially their intellectual property fees. Vanguard still makes money, just not enough to hire more developers or even replace those that left since the last FanFaire – i.e. Phatthom, Ichie, Glip etc… Content will keep coming it will just be very slow due to lack of resources. If you like that game, there is still a lot of stuff to do but yes I agree it’s clear it’s at the bottom of the list in the SOE pool of MMOs. If I see Smed, I’m going to ask him about the future of the game and the perceived lack of support.

  4. Will be a sad day if/when Vanguard and Planetside bite the dust. Not saying it will happen, but things aren’t looking good. I’m shocked they didn’t mention either of them at all.

    Weren’t they at least showing off new Vanguard stuff, like the Pantheon, at FF? Guess that helps a little.

  5. As a note they also didn’t mention Pirates at the keynote either.

    There were several Vanguard panels during Fan Faire including one about the future of VG. I know that Spouse Aggro, among others, were covering it so you can probably find more details there.

    The stuff I’m hearing from talking to people here is that VG is ok, it’s actually growing right now.

    I haven’t heard anything mentioning Planetside and Pirates only had 1 or 2 panels during the entire conference. My instinct is that those two would be next on the block but at least everyone that attended got an item for Planetside, there was nothing on the list for Pirates. Heck there was even an item for Matrix Online. Make of that what you will since SoE doesn’t actually own that one, only publishes it.

  6. I think I see two Vanguard apologists so far…lol

    “Vanguard still makes money”

    Eh, how does a person know this unless they work for the company. Any anecdotal data on that?

    “The stuff I’m hearing from talking to people here is that VG is ok, it’s actually growing right now.”

    Is that at Fan Faire? Who are these” people” there (wherever there is) that say it is growing…players?

    Actually nothing points to either of the above statements being true, until SOE says so.

    Weird how this happens when a game is dying (Tabula Rasa had many a player stating the exact same things above). I think when the above statements start to appear, and the company is not saying them? We can write off the game.

  7. There were 4 vanguard panels. I did not end up attending any of them, but attended them all and wrote them up pretty thoroughly. He quoted one of the devs telling them the game is making money, and that the player base is increasing, albeit slowly, although they did acknowledge that they have a lack of resources currently.

  8. Would be fun if Vanguard rose from the dead. It seems lots of group-type people are playing it, so it would be one of the niches (next to DDO and old EQ) for the more social players.

  9. Pirates of the Burning Sea is not strictly a SOE game — they publish it and run the servers, but it is independently developed and maintained by Flying Lab. It’s not too odd that SOE isn’t treating it like its own game.

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