Legends of Zork group quests fixed

Actually, the folks at Jolt claimed to have fixed group quests for this hands-off browser RPG weeks ago, and maybe they did, but my first couple experiences with it were just our group wiping to every single monster and coming out of the whole thing missing a lot of action points and with no xp or loot.

I was invited to start another one yesterday, and the experience (pun unintended) is so much better — here’s the log from our first session:

Tipa of Pterodactyl-s!

This is your daily report for the Group Quest that you and your fellow adventurers are currently on. Right now, your team of loot-seeking compatriots are in The Slightly yipple-infested Mansion of Chun.

In the last day, you have encountered 18 groups of monsters, of which you won 18 confrontations and were defeated 0 times.

Your Group has so far assembled the following loot:


Based on this, you’ve earned roughly 5,102 ZM in the last day. You also earned 9,264 XP.

So, this is not at all suckworthy… yay LoZ team!

I had some problems with LoZ last week — I couldn’t make changes to my Fanucci cards. Jolt tech support seemed to want to help but had nothing specific to offer (aside from the standard “it works for me!”, and has anyone ever wanted to hear that from tech support?). I ran their code through a debugger and sent them a list of basic CSS errors they made. The actual Fanucci card code, though written in Javascript, was obfuscated, and I didn’t feel like taking the time to put that back in to readable form and debug that as well. I managed to fix the glitch that was causing the whole thing to fail (it thought that one of my hands had five cards in it) and just moved on.

Seriously, LoZ guys, run a debugger or at least a syntax checker on your code….

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