Welcome to Mayong, EverQuest’s 51/50 server

Mayong Mistmoore, from the Legends of Norrath art book

Thanks to commenter Wimp, who revealed that EverQuest’s newest server, the one with the new “51/50” rule set (new characters start at level 51 with 50 AAs), has actually been (briefly) live and players have played on it.

The newest server, Mayong, named after the legendary vampire lord who is a villain in both EverQuest and EverQuest II, will (according to this thread on Steel Warrior) start new characters in Flawed Defiant armor, and spell books full of the spells to that level.

New characters on Mayong immediately formed up to take down some dragons, and it’s pretty certain that Vox and Naggy won’t get a chance to draw two breaths before some random raid takes them down once more.

But this is EverQuest — nothing stops YOU from being the dragon, toasting random raids :)

See you opening day on Mayong!

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9 thoughts on “Welcome to Mayong, EverQuest’s 51/50 server”

  1. I really like how SoE create new servers with different rulesets in order to allow people to refresh their experiences with the game.

    I was a huge fan of the Stromm server and it completely revitalised my gaming experience in EQ. Starting over again with everyone else at the same level as utterly amazing and it kept me interested in the game for another 2 years.

  2. Tipa, I’m looking forward to this one. Are you starting up Nostalgia again when this releases on the new server? I hope to see you all then. Also, are you going to Fanfaire this year? I’ll be headed out there myself and would love to say hello. Been digging your blog for quite a while.

  3. I don’t know. I’d like to, but the thing about most of the folks in Nostalgia is that we float from game to game. But I’ll definitely be starting a char or two there, and if the place looks like it needs Nostalgia, we’ll be there, I’m sure :)

  4. Hello all. I played EQ1 years ago, quit in 2003, and I haven’t found a game that comes close yet. I’ve been fortunate enough to be with the same guild throughout my gaming experience, and its always been fun; the people were great, but it was the game itself that was lacking.

    We started out in EQ1 on Brell, formed in EQ2 on the Venekor server, and took off from there. We have since crushed AoC, WoW, Darkfall, etc… But it just wasn’t the same.

    We will be forming up on the new 51/50 server and playing the classics for nostalgia. We are planning on leveling upto 65 and raiding all the stuff you loved years ago, then progress in level from there. After all, if its not challenging it’s just NOT fun. I remember actually having fun taking down dragons in NToV, getting hit by that HORRIBLE curse from Arch Lich Rhag’Zadune, being mauled by the Avatar of War, and racing to kill all 4 Dark Masters in the Umbral Planes to spawn Doomshade… We want to do this again.

    So far the recruitment drive is going well. We’ve got 34 solid characters signed up and a few more still deciding on what class to play. We should be doing real raid targets within a week of the server launch. Check the forums out @ http://www.addictguild.com . If you like what you see register and post a hello.

    Currently we are looking for DPS classes and a few more Druids, though Clerics are always welcome!

  5. if anyone is going to that server we are recruiting.. we are a raiding guild looking for experienced raids who like to be the best and have fun doing it. our website is tranquilityguild.guildportal.com apps are starting to come in fast so get your app in asap b4 your class in not needed any more!

  6. I’m really excited for this server!

    After looking at the tranquility website they’ve only actually had one application ‘come in fast’…

  7. idk how u figure that after we have 40+ members all set to go and pwn the server. idk wat fourms u were looking at but doesnt seem u were looking in the recruitment one.

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