Daily Blogroll 6/15 — Just This Once edition

Marissa Spiritcaller about five minutes before she became a smear on Lord Nightshade's floor
Marissa Spiritcaller about five minutes before she became a smear on Lord Nightshade's floor

This was the weekend I didn’t do very much. My allergies had left me feeling drained, and I decided what I mostly needed to do was turn off the computer and go outside. To my balcony. I hauled out one of the wooden chairs I’d finished when the kids were little and read a book, guarded by the cat. I realized that this could be a better day if the old wooden chair was a lawn chair, and the book was a black raspberry ice cream cone from Friendly’s. A visit to Target and Friendly’s, and I was back in an hour, sitting on the lawn chair, eating some ice cream.

That time I did spend gaming, I made the most of it. I, at one point, was two boxing in W101 while mining in EVE and playing minigames in Free Realms. Why waste a minute?

I also got caught up on my Netflix movies… and now it’s Monday and for once, I am awake, alert, and totally relaxed. It was a great weekend, but when I logged on this morning, I had nearly 200 posts in my reader and 36 spam messages on the blog…

Probably all the talk about how exciting and imposing adventuring in the world of Darkfall has got you eager to do the massive download, type in your credit card number and get to the ganking, and Beau Turkey has your introduction to the players of Darkfall, along with discussions surrounding RP clans (lol rp) and “Nu Metal”. It’s not that the Darkfall players are scary, they’re just annoying, saith Beau, in that middle school locker room kinda way.

Ogrebears’ work on the definitive Google maps of Norrath continues, and you’ll soon be able to zoom right in on that place where the orcs made fun of you when you were a kid, or find the shortest travel distance between Freeport and Butcherblock (hint: there is swimming involved). Can’t wait to see the whole thing — the Google map for Azeroth is amazing.

Spinks and a friend took advantage of EQ2’s recent fire sale on the latest expansion (ahead of the expected introduction of the next expansion at the upcoming Fan Faire) to roll up a couple of Sarnaks and drink in the world of Norrath, Shattered. Verdict: Dragon ladies are cool :)

Spinks also has an explanation on why uber players with uber gear from uber guilds can join your group and absolutely ruin everything with their nooberness. They’re just used to being able to solve every situation through More DPS in their raids and guild groups, so basically, you’re just letting them down by being average.

I remember well the last time I played my EQ2 cleric. We were doing RE2, and the uberguild troubadour explained that he was going to tank the thing with his Bloodthirsty Choker on (which removes the player’s hit points on successful hits). I couldn’t keep him alive. He booted me out of the group and got an uberguild cleric. My cleric may still be sitting on the floor deep in that dungeon where she camped out.

Uberguild jerks — you ruin the game for everyone else with your jackassery.

Syp takes a page from Gordon’s article last week and talks about his favorite MMO classes of all time. Gordon retorts with a list of the classes he HATES. So that ups the ante some.

My post about my favorite classes would be really short, since it turns out I like just two, which I call “twinblade” (after the class in .hack//sign — your basic stealthy rogue) and cleric (the original D&D cleric as a priest who doesn’t mind a little bashing to liven up the day — a warrior priest).

Thomas, the Friendly Necromancer thinks odds are looking good that KingsIsle may release their next world, Grizzleheim, on to the test servers tomorrow. We’ve had precious little hard information about this world. Will it just be some companion zones tacked on to existing worlds? Will there be new levels? Other goodies? Nobody knows! But tomorrow, maybe we will.

How are people getting ready for SOE’s upcoming Fan Faire? Well, the senior community relations manager, Craig “Grimwell” Dalrymple, is preparing by figuring out how to build the perfect “Old Fashioned“. I am so unprepared to join some game’s community team. I’d be tipped over the edge if someone replaced my Diet Coke with regular Coke.

Well, that wraps up another edition of the Daily Blogroll. Keep gaming, and have fun!

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