EQ2: No good deed goes unpunished

Camel Day Care
When a friend asks you to look after their pets for a couple of days, don’t just automatically say yes…

Finally got around to reinstalling EQ2, so it launches and works and all that fun stuff. And they had new pets in the Marketplace! So naturally, a camel came home with me. And by home, I mean not the guild hall, as the new pets can’t be placed there. Sadness.

Tunare dances for the crowd

A drunken dwarf (never met any other kind) was offering to reward anyone who came to him at the North Qeynos gates and performed a certain task for him. He was standing, as it turned out, right between two heroic guards who were very interested in adding a notch for a certain level 31 Arasai to their belts. I asked the dwarf if he were able to move just a few metres out, and he did and offered me the quest as well — twenty harvests.

By the time I returned with them, the goddess Tunare was making a visitation. Tunare’s always been a dancer — who can forget her power-kick move back in the Plane of Growth? But this time she was happy to just play the tease. Norrathian gods — you never know what you’re gonna get with one of them.

The reward was some cheese soup, so that was kinda blechy. A rat slipped me some milk and cookies, which I found kinda odd, because if you give a rat a cookie, then she’ll want some milk to dip it in, right?

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