Catching up with Wizard 101

The park in front of my Marleybone home (under construction)

Like I need an excuse to show off my home :) And though I love my little Marleybone manor, it doesn’t even come close to comparing with the marvelous work others have done on their homes. Every time I visit one, I feel like spending hours just peeking in room after room.

Molly asked if I could list the prices on all the homes, and that was easy enough, so here they are:

World Land & Castle Name Cost in Gold Description
Wizard City Wooded Cottage 8000 small castle
  Forested Mansion 15000 larger castle with an outdoor theater
Krokotopia Oasis Camp 10000 a large tent
  Desert Villa 20000 some larger buildings and a dramatic cliff
Marleybone Metropolitan Manor 12000 a short bit of street, a park, a cellar and a split-level brownstone — this is what I have.
  Royal Estate 30000 a large home set atop a mill with several parks and a semi-enclosed greenhouse/arboreum
Mooshu Tranquil Cottage 15000 a decent-sized Japanese-themed home
  Imperial Palace 40000 you could get lost in this. a dramatic castle fit for a warlord.
Dragonspyre Great Citadel 20000 small tower
  Grand Fortress 50000 HUGE tower with many extra secrets

The June issue of the Ravenwood Newsletter is out, talking again about Grizzleheim, and also introducing a limited-time offer — $60 for a whole year of complete access to everything in Wizard 101. That’s $5/month, and that’s a tremendous bargain for one of the most original MMOs to come around in years.

Grizzleheim should be on the Wizard 101 test server soon, and I’ll be writing lots about it as soon as I get in.

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6 thoughts on “Catching up with Wizard 101”

  1. Okay, okay, I give up!

    I’m installing this Wizard 101 thing.


    You can make games sound so juicy and nice to try.

  2. Bwahaha snared another!!!!

    This is a good time to start — the Grizzleheim world is supposed to have extra cool stuff for new players.

  3. The only thing I dislike so far is that spell animations take so long to complete :( Maybe there’s a strategic element to battles that comes up later on where you can actually use that time for something, but so far I find myself waiting more than playing. On the other hand, the easy and casual grouping for battles is great. Finally some real people to play with, something WoW doesn’t have until level 60-something :)

  4. I two box (three box sometimes) in W101 so I’m pretty busy forming strats for two characters. I usually tab out and browse the web while moves are happening. Unless I’m grouped; then I try to coordinate what I do with what the others do.

    Fights get far more strategic as you go, but they never get any faster. W101 is not a fast-paced game.

    Let me know when you’re on sometime so I can friend you up!

  5. I’ll try to friend you, but how does that work if we can’t even talk to each other in the game with that crazy chat system?

    And do any other readers play? Would be fun to get together.

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