Wizard101: New world Grizzleheim announced! And a contest!

Critters from Wizard101's new world of Grizzleheim

We’ve heard rumors of Grizzleheim, a Nordic world along the spiral filled with Bears, Wolves, and Ravens. They are rumors no more. Next month, we’ll be able to journey to Wizard 101’s newest world and befriend the various tribes we find there. New house items, new quests, new places to explore… new levels? I don’t know. I’d expect new levels, at least five of them.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on that. (Thanks to GameMom for the tip!)

Headmaster Ambrose has been telling us a series of riddles on Twitter. The answer is shrouded in mystery, but clues can be found in game and on the Wizard101 web site. It’s been a long road, but Merle will reveal the final question at 8AM CDT today, at which time the Wizard101 website will allow Ravenwood students to guess at the answer to the mystery. The first hundred to do so will receive a unique pet!

The first ten of the eleven questions are below. The first letter of each answer is a letter in the riddle’s answer. Now, get solving! You haven’t much time! And be careful — some of the answers could be a little tricky!

  1. MooShu is the Kingdom of “___________, Honor, and Family.”
  2. Where is the first place you arrive in Krokosphinx?
  3. What treasure card gives -75% to next storm and fire spells?
  4. What is the Ravenwood school’s motto (hint – it’s in Latin)?
  5. What prison will you find in Marleybone?
  6. Cards that can be attached to any regular card to improve the stats. — What are they called?
  7. What is the first creature you duel in Unicorn Way?
  8. What is Zeke’s occupation?
  9. What new feature launched in April that allows you to hear the story come to life?
  10. What creatures do you duel in Colossus that remind you of Frosty?
  11. ?

See you in the spiral!

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8 thoughts on “Wizard101: New world Grizzleheim announced! And a contest!”

  1. possibly the most exciting w101 news EvAr and no comments all day … Let me just say, ZOMG YAY!!!!!!! There you go.

  2. I think this will be a really great addition for a couple of reasons.

    1) more content, the game needs this

    2) since Grizzleheim is going to be intertwined into the story, and not added after dragonspyre, the game will be able to shift away from its linear feel. more variety and new landscapes to travel through this way.


  3. it’s going to be awesome in wizard 101 now that grizzleheim is coming and it looks awesome from what i see in the pics i hope there also new spells in this game when grizzleheim comes but i dougth there well be a new spell but i still hope so.

  4. omg i cant wait to play it i just wish so many people werent doing the same thing it wont let me on

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