Daily Blogroll 5/20 — Hump Day edition!

If everyone would just plant one plant against mediocre games, what a happy and zombie-free world this would be!

So I just applied to a corp in EVE Online. I have so many questions they can help me answer! Like, what’s the command to hearth back to the inn? And, are there like space question marks so you know which stations have the quests? And, how do you switch between specs? And, can some high level space dude run me through a couple newbie space dungeons for phat lewts? Hey, did you know that Chuck Norris never uses warp? He just whistles and solar systems come to HIM!

I kid, but you know, people seem to take World of Warcraft for granted. It’s hard to see it as most of us saw it for the first time, as a brightly colored world of wonder. Copra stands in Darnassus and wonders why more people don’t just take the time to appreciate the game and stop worrying about “xp” and “loot” and “naked night elves”. Heck, I’m just kinda jazzed to find out people still go to Darnassus.

Speaking of WoW — and before I do that, why is Warcraft getting so much flack these days? Twelve MILLION players! And yet everyone seems to want to take potshots (sorry p@tsh@t) at the most popular video game in the entire world. Green Armadillo points out that Warhammer devs have been blaming Warcraft for turning out players who don’t know how to play an MMO.

Continuing with the assault on WoW, Syp takes issue with Richard Bartle’s gushing love poem to Stranglethorn Vale, wondering how Bartle could love so much a zone that players hated so much. My first time through, I liked it fine. Second time through, it was okay. Third time through was a struggle. After that I never went back. I guess I’m not feeling the STV love, either. I guess maybe it’s a zone only game designers like.

P@tsh@t and Wilhelm’s long-term expedition into wormhole space took another step forward with the fitting of their covert-ops ship which will let them peek through a wormhole without getting slaughtered so much by enemies waiting for them on the other side. Feels like Commander Scott’s arctic expedition; the full story of death and cannibalism is something we won’t hear about for months….

Graktar pointed out in comments yesterday that Warhammer’s Land of the Dead flipping isn’t quite as dire as I made it out to be. Snafzg says that yes, it IS that dire, as with all the population of the winning side in Land of the Dead, there won’t be anyone for the other side to fight in order to win their way back.

I’ve always liked the old saying that a hardcore gamer is a gamer who plays more than you do, but Tateru Nino has a new definition of someone who spends more time playing the metagame than playing the game. She might have a point there!

See you tomorrow and keep gaming!

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7 thoughts on “Daily Blogroll 5/20 — Hump Day edition!”

  1. Just to clarify a bit, I believe there will be a mechanic to win Land of the Dead back once you’ve lost it even if there is no-one to fight. My issue is that I don’t believe this is very ideal. Basically, with most of the winners inside Land of the Dead, the people left outside will not have many if any enemies to fight. That means the losers will be forced to engage in Realm vs. Environment to win back the new dungeon zone.

    How is this fun? It worked in DAOC because there were three realms. One realm would control Darkness Falls, which left the other two to fight it out over who could control it next. Given WAR’s two realm mechanic, I don’t believe it will be nearly as fun.

    Nnce the dungeon hits the game, it will be a see-saw battle back and forth. One side RvE’s to gain control, purges the dungeon, the other side RvE’s to gain back control, purges, etc.

  2. I’m finding it odd that people are blaming WoW for their favourite game’s failings. Blaming players for not playing your game right is rather scraping the bottom of the barrel imo.

    Also I was puzzled by Hudson’s notion that only people who raided in EQ are proper raiders (say what?). I never played EQ but I did play DaoC and I guarantee we had our fair share of rubbish players. And even the good ones would be given a run for their money by the best WoW and WAR PvPers.

  3. Why, of course I choose darn Darnassus for my banking alt. Why? Less crowded than the other alliance cesspools and the colorful surroundings really give some eyecandy compared to the dull Ironforge or Stormwind. But yes, I’ll be playing the game a bit different the next time I login to really play the game.

    C out

  4. Hi, my name is Openedge1 and I am an STV hater..

    Damn books!!

    As to WoW and how it has influenced other games, I think people need to look beyond that, and see what their game offers that WoW does not..

    Ah well…back to work.


  5. Did you apply to Eve University, Tipa? They’re an EXCELLENT newbie-helping guild and have been around since Eve first began, I think. Look em up online for a quick peek, unless of course you’re completely satisfied with the corp you apped to :P

  6. I thought I’d heard EVE Uni just got war dec’d. If that’s right it’s NOT the time for a noob to join. LOL Been there, done that and left. Other than that, yes EU comes highly recommended even though I never get around to applying when I re-sub.

  7. Yea, that’s the only thing I disliked about E-Uni was the war-dec thing. I had to wait about 4 days to get in and when they get dec’d you can’t run missions or anything like that, so I agree with Saylah :P Good to hear you’re having fun in Eve though. I LOVE the game, I just can’t play it for long periods for some reason. Maybe I haven’t found the right corp. It’s also missing things I would love to have in a space MMO, like cockpit flight and whatnot.

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