Wizard 101: And now for my next trick…


One thing you have to remember about Wizard 101, is that when you fight Rattlebones on Unicorn Way, and the game gives you a little message saying you might want to fight bosses again for more rare loot?

What they MEAN is, you might want to fight bosses a hundred times each to get maybe a chance at their loot.

I don’t know how many times I fought Kraysys in the Forum for my Life hat before tonight. But tonight, I got my hat first try.

So I went to visit Viktor Snowcrusher in the Drake Hatchery, he has the Life boots. I kept switching realms, leapfrogging through alternate realities with the help of my alt, Allison Goldtalon, until I found a group killing him, and joined the group just in time to see him die.

I’d love to be able to say he dropped my boots that time, but he didn’t. I grabbed him when he respawned, though, and when the fight was over, I had my boots.

I stayed a few fights more to help a Balance wizard get what he wanted, but he ran out of time first.

I couldn’t believe I’d gotten the rest of my Dragonspyre outfit, after so long, so fast.

Especially after yesterday’s little session of house item farming.


This is a statue of a cyclops, dropped by General Ankilles in Cyclops Lane. Standing in front of it is Allison Goldtalon, my alt, and this is her dorm room, which is decorated solely by this statue, the bones of Lord Nightshade, and a portrait stolen from the Myth school in Ravenwood.

I have none of these things.

Even though Thomas set up a Cyclops Alley Farm League seemingly just to get me this statue (along the way, Allison got it as she has gotten before so many things that should have been MINE, including but not limited to, the hat from Kaysys, which she wears to TAUNT me. Wore. I have mine now. And besides she could only wear it in the dressing room due to her bastard Balance schoolness, as well as being only level 28, two things that, you would think, would cause her to be a LITTLE bit humble but no, not her. Never her.)


So today, as I logged in, I thought maybe I would set up my own little farm league. I made a third account, a free one, and set off to farm Lord Nightshade, whom I now now from what Allison and Kaitlynn won, drops a tree, a couch, and bones, among others. I, Tara, won nothing.


I got a tell from a friend asking for some help with the Oni no Death instance. It was a welcome break. I camped Kaitlynn out, and Allison and I headed into the instance.

It was easy and fun, didn’t win any house items but I DID win a minotaur pet from Lord Youkai (I have to laugh every time I see that name, it’s a kind of emphatic way of saying “Yes”, samurai yell it at their commanders in old samurai movies, but then they pretty much yell everything).

We moved along to the Jade Oni, where Allison surprised Jade Oni by throwing her double at her. I took a break, came back later, loaded Tara and Allison, and got the rest of the loot I wanted from Dragonspyre.

So, yay :)

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8 thoughts on “Wizard 101: And now for my next trick…”

  1. hey tipa speaking of nice loot do you where i can get a nice death sword i’m in mooshu and i want a sword the sword i want the most is a death sword.

  2. so, i killed baron greebly six times yesterday to get a crate of pies.

    do i get a crate of pies? noooooo. i get a crate of pudding. i mean, who crates pudding?
    i’m not going to overwork the subject, but think about it. i mean, maybe we crated pudding back in ww II, but hasn’t technology advanced? even without the use of magic? even in west Texas?

    i think i deserve an interior designer badge.

  3. I took your lead and farmed Nightshade awhile myself recently. Mostly I got junk items (not my school) but I did get a Dark Fairy pet from him, the version that includes a Dark Sprite card. I’d had a plain Dark Fairy for awhile – got her from a banshee boss over in Firecat Alley – so now I’m running around Mooshu with her twin sister.

  4. I know this is goning to make you angry but:
    I got my Malistaire Myth robe on my fourth time running
    I had my schools sword before i was even in dragonspyre yet
    And I have got my anthem twice
    I have also got a rat magican two sunbirds two ice snakes and a dark fairy and a evil snow man

    But i dont know how many times i have farmed for a mander pet from throne room of fire
    I’ve gotten almost every thing you can get but a mander pet Its SO annoying!

  5. Ive farmed Alicane Swiftarrow for two days straight and have yet to get a firecat statue… which is my main farming reason. Ive gotten 2 sprites, 4 small ferns, 3 fire bushes and a TON of robes, wands, shoes and hats… im soooooo sick of farming. the only reason im continuing is because i need the statue to compete my school statue garden.

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