Wizard 101: House so big you LOSE stuff? Fix on its way!

Wizard101 the game will be offline 08 May 2009 during our regular maintenance period of 3am to 4am Central time to address issues with items disappearing from dorm and housing walls. After the update, your items should appear where you placed them. If you still notice something is missing, please let Mr Lincoln know by submitting a bug report by going to Wizard101.com the website and clicking Help & Support. There you will find a link to Contact Us with all the details.

Thank you for your patience while we continue to make improvements to Wizard101.

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3 thoughts on “Wizard 101: House so big you LOSE stuff? Fix on its way!”

  1. I’m glad it’s a known bug and they’re fixing it. I got an Airship Picture from a fight on Knight’s Court and when I hung it between my dorm windows as a trophy of my Aeronaut badge it disappeared into the wall.

  2. How long was housing in beta? And they didn’t notice something as dangerous as a bug that makes items go missing? This would be shocking, but MMO players (myself included, sadly) have just grown to expect this kind of thing.

  3. i cant get on it ? it want load it freeze help me i try to download new wizard and the it does same thing does not load when house item comes up

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