Daily Blogroll 5/5 — Five by Five edition

It’s a gray, rainy day today, perfect time to stay home and game a little.

Could be a perfect time to level up a few alts in City of Heroes. Zubon of Kill Ten Rats uses the new Architect system to design the perfect opponents for his new characters and bring them to level 20 in a single mission.

Ogrebears has some issues with SOE’s partnership with ZAM.com to give that third party website more access to the game data than any other website, ever. It’s not so much that they have been set above EQ2i, LootDB, EQTraders and such, but because that it seems poorly designed and incomplete.

Syncaine tells how even with a lesser force and poor planning, picking the wrong battlefield can still lead to a crushing loss in Darkfall. Though I really haven’t any interest in PvP, aside from games like Legends of Zork that force me into it, I love reading about these fights and would be first in line for the movie :)

Taymar posted another incredibly helpful guide to using macros in EQ2. Check out the one for combining spells and combat arts in a single keypress. Handy!

Gamasutra has Yet Another Interview with Runic Games’ Max Schaefer about their upcoming Diablo II/Mythos-esque Action RPG, Torchlight. This time they talk a bit about the monetization model; not that different from Mythos, it turns out. (Via Runic Games Insider)

io9 has the latest video from EA/Maxis’ Spore Galactic Adventures. I liked Spore, but I didn’t really enjoy the rather mundane 4X space game at the end. You spend all this time growing a critter and it all means nothing at the end? In Galactic Adventures, you’re out of the space ship and working on duels and missions!

Kyle Horner of Massively has about a zillion exclusive peeks into Cryptic’s Champions Online. You know who doesn’t? Bio Break’s Syp. I guess we bloggers really aren’t press, after all :(

Hey, not much news yesterday but probably be lots more for tomorrow, so keep dry and keep gaming!

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  1. Zubon wishes to note that he has no farms of his own. There are enough in Mission Architect, so just use someone else’s. It may take a few tries to find one that is done well.

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