Star Trek Online — Tactical Ops


Recently released screenshots for Cryptic’s Star Trek Online give us our first glimpse of the starship interiors and interfaces.

This latest screenshot shows how starship captains will have the ability to construct a Tactical Operations (TACOPS) deck in their ships. Using an intuitive Computer-Aided Decision Interface (CADI), tactical awareness of the current and surrounding sectors may be displayed in a simplified, easily understood manner by the state-of-the-art Situational Bidimensional Character Array (SBCA). The ship may also be entirely controlled from TACOPS with a simplified command syntax, or SCA.

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4 thoughts on “Star Trek Online — Tactical Ops”

  1. OMG where did you get the screenshot? Is there a version of strtrk available for modern machines?

    I wiped out forests-worth of trees playing that game, back before ‘puters had them fancy tv screens!!

  2. I, uh, found an executable, played it a couple of rounds and did Print Screen :)

    Look for Super Star Trek!

  3. Tipa, you are just fabulous at giving me these great nostalgia trips. Yet another memory of wasted hours comes flooding back.


  4. I played this game on an ASR-33 teletype connected up to a DEC PDP 8/e desktop minicomputer. We had two teletypes, and each shared the massive 8K of memory in the computer. Rolls of yellow paper and paper type… so so so loud…

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