Daily Blogroll 5/4 — Dragon Claw Style edition

I'm still pumped I can remember enough Japanese to read the first two kanji as 'mainichi' :D

Yes, this is the Daily Blogroll MY OWN BLOG didn’t want you to see!

I’m kinda tired of Free Realms. Not the game; heck, considering my computer now refuses to run Lord of the Rings Online for long, I’ve been spending most of my gaming time in Free Realms. Beau is having fun playing. Pete at Dragonchasers took a 75 degree turn and went from being marginal about the game to a fan in just three short days. Syp of Bio Break is still dubious, but what does he care — his wife is Tinker Bell!

MBP at Mind-Bending Puzzles writes about a traditional Irish card game named “Twenty-Five”, the second most complicated card game in the world. The first most complicated? The Free Realms trading card game.

As far as I know, Station Access members are still NOT members in Free Realms, even though we were told we would be. This is still annoying me even as I work on the non-member jobs, Ninja (lv 7), Miner (lv 11) and Cook (lv 8).

Sure, some goof in World of Warcraft may have gone around using a GM item to one-shot every raid in the game, but did you realize that an NPC in Wizard 101 was giving out free dragon pets? So take THAT, WoW!

Lars of MMOment of Zen has a final verdict on the City of Heroes Architect system: No matter how innovative the missions, they still work like every other CoH mission — run through a maze, hunting randomly placed stuff.

Psychochild looks at crafting through the ages, with a deeper look at how EverQuest II’s crafting has changed since launch, what they did right and how it could still be improved.

When I read that Aventurine was adding solo-friendly islands to Darkfall, my first thought was, “go here to find a lot of solo people to gank”. Syncaine, however, is liking these new changes to the Darkfall PvE experience. I’m betting Syncaine is secretly thinking “target-rich environment”…

Beau waxes quixotic about Aeria Game’s Dream of Mirror Online, especially about the cut-scene heavy epic quest that takes you through the game. I’ve written lots about my own adventures in the game.

I STILL think DOMO is one of the best social MMOs going. I’m still looking for a decent exploration MMO. No, EVE Online is NOT an exploration MMO… it’s an Achiever MMO, exploration doesn’t really mean that much when everyplace you go is pretty much just like every other place. It comes closest, though. I’m desperately hoping Cryptic’s Star Trek Online IS, though. I’m tired of Achiever MMOs.

Lastly, Runes of Magic is in danger of becoming last week’s fad, but Scopique is right in there playing and wondering just how long Runes of Magic can keep skimming the best parts of other MMOs into itself to become the All-Devouring Uber MMO.

See ya tomorrow! Keep gaming!

Oh, and Wizard 101 and Star Trek Online devs? I apologize in advance, okay? You’ll see what I mean… later…

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4 thoughts on “Daily Blogroll 5/4 — Dragon Claw Style edition”

  1. The main point of the game is not your cup of tea (twitch PvP), but the actual world in DarkFall has a TON of just randomly cool locations, and it would take you a good 2-3 months to explore most of it (if not more). The architecture is really well done, and because not every spot has a purpose (quest location in a traditional MMO), discovering a hidden chest or mob spawn area is fun. I’m about as far from an explorer as you will find, and even I’ve been pulled at times to just get on a mount and explore some spots.

    Plus, the window to buy the game is like… an hour some days now :)

  2. 75 degree turn is pretty darned accurate. I really wasn’t feeling it with Free Realms, then it was like a switch got flipped and suddenly I was having a blast. We’ll see how long that lasts.

    BTW, Angela has a Station Pass and is flagged as a member. At least, I know she has 3 character slots open; I don’t know for a fact that she’s started any members-only jobs or quests but I do know she isn’t limited to the 10 quests in her journal that the free-tier gets. If you aren’t flagged as a member you might want to open a support ticket. One difference between her and you is that she never played in beta; I wonder if a flag is stuck somewhere from your time as a beta tester?

  3. Lol @Syncaine ….”Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly…..”

    Good call there on Runes of Magic Tipa. Based on a sample of one (myself) I can see Free Realms replacing RoM as the free game you goof around in when you aren’t doing anything else.

  4. In case you ever want to join up with someone for battles:

    Dream of Mirror: Zika, Sylph Dancer, Sapphire server
    Wizard 101: Autumn Ruby, Pyromancer
    FreeRealms Regan FoxSong
    FusionFall: Lia FireFox

    Play on, Girl!

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