Adventures in Monopoly: Where’s the Daily Blogroll?




My host is having a LOT OF ISSUES, so no daily blogroll today. Extra big one tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Adventures in Monopoly: Where’s the Daily Blogroll?”

  1. I’m sad to admit that I tried to force a reload of the image since I didn’t see what you were doing at first. :(

  2. heh yeah, the third panel was the reveal. I was just so frustrated this morning that images weren’t loading, nothing was working… I couldn’t do my morning posts so this was the answer :/

  3. Good one!
    I was actually having reload issues on another page at the same time also, so this one fit right in..;)

    300 baud was a bit special, when you could see the letters appearing on the lines as they were received. And phone bills which were higher than the broadband+phone bills today.

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