Daily Blogroll 4/30 — Wednesday is the new Tuesday edition


We’re still in Wednesday, aren’t we? Since Free Realms launched way back last Tuesday, I’ve been running a day behind. FR has had a bunch of launch day issues, it’s been anything but a smooth launch. Friends lists disappearing, paid-for member access being revoked, Station Access members still not given memberships… Even though SOE had a cracked-wide-open closed beta, it still choked on the onslaught of live players.

But it’s up, running fairly well, and when the hiccups are cured, should be able to get on with unleashing hordes of ninjas and wizards on the world.

Let’s get the Free Realms news out of the way first.

Green Armadillo of Player vs Developer looks at Free Realms time cards, sold in stores alongside the Collectible Card Game. Tobold wants to give SOE a hundred bucks, but SOE won’t let him! There’s an unsustainable business plan for you. Stargrace of MMO Quests echoes what Spinks touched on yesterday, that sometimes you don’t want to play a game based solely around killing, and Free Realms fills that need. Darren of Common Sense Gamer likes what he sees in Free Realms and marvels at how much has changed since beta. Maybe it was this ‘miracle patch’ that made launch so late?

Via Lum, Feministing objects to the new World of Warcraft quest where you find an unsuspecting woman, level 18 or older, and put Playboy bunny ears on her. Sexual harassment or harmless fun?

Toldain looks at the major design changes made to EverQuest 2 to distinguish it from EverQuest in his further thoughts on EverQuest 3, a game which hasn’t been announced but is almost certainly being developed. Myrix of The Wandering Rogue says we should just forget EQ and EQ2, and have the new MMO be designed after the Legends of Norrath card game, with somewhat more casual gameplay than seen in the previous two titles. I kinda left a really long comment to that, and Myrix responded at equal length, so if you have some time, have a look and add your own thoughts.

Openedge1 of Dichotomy dinged 70 in Age of Conan and got a hot new dress and a beautiful hat to go along with it. I dunno about those shoes, though! They run out of leather in Hyboria? Good luck on your issues with the DX10 implementation.

Sisca at Gnome Depot looks at all the drama these days and begs people to LRN2PLAY! Because, shouldn’t people play games to have fun?

And lastly, Taymar of MMORPG Info passes along a desperate plea from Princess Leia to help her move 25,000,000 Imperial Credits from a bank on Tatooine and help invest it in profitable concerns like moisture farms for a 15% fee. Scam or no? You decide!

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  1. I’m somewhat behind at the moment – can you tell? I’m glad you liked the email though, it certainly made me laugh. I’m hoping to get a chance to try Free Realms this weekend.

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