Wizard 101 downtime for test and live realms

Just a reminder — tomorrow, April 30th, is the last day to help choose names for the builder turtles! Click on the big, green turtle button at the right to choose the name for the Marleybone turtle, then follow the links on that page to places where you can help name the other four!

Wizard101 Test Realm Downtime
Beginning at 9am Central US time on April 30th, the Wizard101 Test Realm will be offline for approximately four hours. During this downtime players will not be able to log in to the Test Realm, and are invited to continue to enjoy playing Wizard101 on the Live Realm.

Players will experience a loss of items and experience in the Test Realm after this downtime. This does not affect your characters in the Live Realm in any way.

Wizard101 Live Realm Downtime During Regular Maintenance Window
On April 30th, Wizard101 the game will be offline during our regular maintenance window of 3am to 4am Central US time. During this downtime, players will be unable to log in to the Live Wizard101 game, and players who are in the game will be prompted to log out.

During this downtime, the billing section of the website may also experience brief interruptions in service.

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5 thoughts on “Wizard 101 downtime for test and live realms”

  1. I found a bug with housing, and I was wondering if you could replicate it. Basically, when switching between houses items from the unequipped house don’t always go into the attic. When you go back to the unequipped house these items are also stuck, not allowing you to pick them up or move them. I’ve submitted a bug report, and the more reports they get about problems the better.

  2. I found a bug in the Life tower, and I was wondering if you could replicate it. Well here it is, once you go into the Life tower you go to the little desk on the other side and there is two wooden planks pointing upwards you can go up one side and then you have to get it off of Cheat Engine. Everytime people are in it so it could get a bit annoying and well so the more reports we get the more problems are solved. So any Glitches/bugs you know type them in here.

  3. I found an INSANE bug with carpets and everywhere I go now it ticks me off seeing these freaking boxes and carpets. So here it is, well when you buy a little carpet and then a big carpet and to boxes you can lay the little rug down and then put the long rug on top of that rug and then click the little rug and put it on top of the two boxes. La la there it is and its freaking insane! So report more bugs once you find them.

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