Free Realms goes live Tuesday, April 28

The servers are coming down this morning, all beta characters are being deleted (answering a question of mine), and tomorrow, you’ll be able to start cooking, racing, shooting, mining and everything else.

Here’s the full announcement:

Some of you have seen the signs. The NDA being lifted. Cryptic twitters from developers. Unexpected fan site announcements. Some have speculated that the next stage of Free Realms is here…they are right.

Since our initial closed beta announcement, we have been flagging more and more beta sign ups for access to the game. We have also been working with an affiliate site, The Free Realms beta has been open to the millions of players from that site as well as any new registrations made on our home page. While we did not announce it, we are already well into our open beta period.

Starting Monday, April 27th at 8:00am PDT we are going to be pushing a big update to the web and game servers. The servers will be unavailable all day Monday as we do our final tests and checks. At this time all beta characters will be deleted.

The servers and website will be brought back online Tuesday, April 28th. At this time Free Realms will be live! Just log in, make a character and play. Memberships and Station Cash purchases will be enabled at this time as well.

The party we have planned at Seaside today is going to be our last opportunity to celebrate as members of the beta. I hope to see as many of you there as possible for we can now call the “End-of-Beta Beach Bash”!

We are very excited to make this great leap and we have many, many beta testers to thank for getting us to this point. As a special thank you to all of our beta testers we are going to be giving you a unique in-game item when we go live on Tuesday. Be sure to check in on Tuesday!

Stay tuned for more information.

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