Web Log 4/25

Welcome to the weekend! It’s fantastic weather, so gonna keep this short.

More news about the ex-Mythos developers’ new game, Torchlight? The Runic Games Fansite has a FAQ complete with everything they know about the fantasy Action RPG and its followup MMO, and Runic Games Insider’s Taylor Balbi has really long interviews with a few of the devs with the nittiest, grittiest details.

Keen at Keen and Graev has a rather positive look at Free Realms. It’s a fun game, but will it appeal enough to kids to become a success?

Cryptic’s Bill Roper says the newest Joker in the Superhero MMO deck (see what i did there?), Champions Online, will be released July 14 — Bastille Day. Syp of Bio Break asks the questions that need answering. Ardwulf wonders just how much of the freedom to define powers has made the jump from PnP to MMO.

MBP at Mind Bending Puzzles wonders if the news that Wii sales have dropped off in Japan signal that the craze for casual games is unsustainable because casual gamers don’t get invested in their games.

A simple trading mission in EVE Online in high security space went bad, and suddenly Enforcer was podkilled and out a billion ISK. Scopique at Cedarstreet figures some research or scouting the route ahead of time might have saved Enforcer the death, and wonders how much research should developers expect from an MMO gamer before they play the game?

Psyq at Dalaran Diary talks about Shards of Dalaya’s House of Portals, the possibly deadly but always treacherous mansion used for long distance travel as opposed to EverQuest’s spires or knowledge portals. I liked the Nexus spires introduced with Luclin. It made travel somewhat easier without making it trivial, provided a place for people to meet and gather and trade, and was a good improvement over the boats. The Plane of Knowledge removed most travel times, and Norrath grew smaller as a result. I’d love to try that House of Portals sometime!

See you tomorrow and have a gorgeous weekend!

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  1. Maybe the news that Wii sales have dropped off in Japan mean A) there’s a recession on, and B) everyone in Japan already has a Wii

  2. Agreed. Whichever reason you prefer of Toldain’s the “casual gamers are sick of playing casual games” answer rates far far below them.

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