A little LotRO, a little Wizard 101 (Test)

I was actually aiming for that annoying fly

The two characters I set for transfer from Windfola to Landroval a couple of weeks ago, my 36 Captain and my 21 Champion, finally arrived safely in their new server yesterday. I’m still not sure which of the three characters I have on Landroval I want to focus on. I have hope that I can join my Captain with those in Casualties of War who are about her level. Stargrace and Kasul largely adventure during days I work, so aside from boring soloing, there might not be much available for my two lower level characters.

Kasul and I did group up for a couple of hours last night in the Lone Lands. Being a hunter working on kill quests isn’t really that exciting. Being a melee class grouped with a hunter who is trying to see if she can time a monster’s death to come exactly when they are in looting range to save on running (hobbits have to watch their figures!) is REALLY not exciting.

We went looking for a little more fun by clearing out some goblin and orc camps. That got everyone smiling. We both got lots of those iron tokens you redeem for gifts. Not sure what kind of gifts they give, but I have my suspicions they are house items and many other things which are not horses.


Afterward, I headed into EQ2 with my decorator, Brightknife, to show why you really shouldn’t let kobolds into your restaurant. Then it was off to Wizard 101 Test to check out the Dragonspyre homes.

I went a little crazy the night before last when W101 previewed player housing on the test server. I bought the biggest Wizard City home, and every decoration they sold. Then I bought the largest Marleybone home, and every decoration they sold.

I didn’t have enough money left to check out the Dragonspyre, Moo Shu or Krokotopia homes. Thomas of The Friendly Necromancer had a nice run through of the largest Moo Shu mansion, and it’s clear he’s spent some time in Krokotopia as well.

So, what were the Dragonspyre homes like? The small home was 20,000 gold. The large home was 50,000 gold. I had… 14,000 gold left over from my spending spree. By selling all my house items, everything I had in the bank and all the gear I wasn’t actually wearing — spare swords, wands, robes, everything — I ended up with 21,000 gold and bought the small Dragonspyre island.

It’s okay. It even has a dragon flying around! But… well… having seen all the islands, when the housing goes live, you will find me with a Wizard City castle. It HAS A THEATER. So, really, that’s that. I’ll still decorate it with stuff from all worlds; my parlor will definitely be heavily Marleybone-influenced. But… a wizard needs her tower and her castle.

Think a Krokotopia theme for the theater would be nice? I think so.

Afterward I stopped by Free Realms, but it was down last night and is down right now. Darn it. I wanted to see if turning off a bunch of options in XFire would fix the performance issues I was having.

I can’t NOT have XFire up. It’s our guild’s multigame chat system.

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9 thoughts on “A little LotRO, a little Wizard 101 (Test)”

  1. All that and seven blogposts (going by the timestamps). I’m lucky if I get meaningful gaming time in for the TWO games I’m playing and a single blog post. I stand in awe. ;)

  2. I’ve been busy this week so haven’t had time to look into it. I’m not quite understanding the function of the housing in W101. I want a house but why would I want a big one? What will I be able to do there? Can others come there like EQ2 and ROM? I watched Thomas do a whole lot of walking in his in a game with not mounts, why do I want something that big?

  3. Theater *squeels*
    Would be interesting to see you put on some plays there with the chat restriction being what it is. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it though!

  4. OH, are you guys over on Landroval now? Are you forming a kinship similar to Nostalgia there? I would enjoy some in game companionship if you all didn’t mind. :)

  5. @Rob — Yes, we’re on Landroval. We’ve hooked up with the Casualties of War, who are a great bunch :)

    @Saylah — You can only go to someone else’s room when they are in their room, and you are friends, and you port to them. So there’s not really the same way of just visiting people’s rooms and houses like in most other games that offer housing. At this point, I think what housing mostly is, is a money sink. There’s nearly nothing to spend money on in the game — this answers that need.

  6. Hi! This is Amber Stargem again…. So……Um…….Well……Your Wizard 101 character is full of coolness and awsomeness. So would you like to meet sometime? I check this website daily and so if the awnswer is yes please reply back. We can then figure out the time/place/realm to meet! Hope to see you soon!

    Amber Stargem level 41. Myth

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