Hobbits on Games on: The Fallout MMO

Hobbits on Games -- The Fallout MMO

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5 thoughts on “Hobbits on Games on: The Fallout MMO”

  1. haha. Ok, it is Hobbits, LOTRO and those things make me squirm, but the overall gist is hilarious..

    Stargate, Star Trek, Marvel, DC…so many franchise based MMO’s, even from Single Player games…

    As soon as I have a “Guiding Light” MMO, THEN I will be satisfied (even though the Young and the Restless might perform better…)

  2. Pfft, if we’re going for soaps, 80s-era General Hospital is the one to go to. Mad scientists, a freeze ray that would cover Port Charles in ice, secret super spies, etc. Yeah.

    Or head back to the 60s for vampire soap Dark Shadows……

  3. Believers in the upcoming X-Files MMO (soon to be released on Infinium Lab’s Phantom game console) fall in to two major classes:

    The conspiracy theorist believer spends his time in game trying to get people to listen to him and his theories for how aliens and the government are behind all major societal disasters of the past 200 years. He researches skills to write ever more clever ‘zines and signs as he gains in level and gets closer to the heart of the conspiracy culminating in his alien overseers allowing him a glimpse at secrets man was not meant to know at the level cap. The irony of his class is that even with this irrefutable proof the only people who will ever take him seriously are other conspiracy theorists.

    The government agent believer finds her role in infiltrating the libraries and records of government offices and collecting information on the paranormal from the vast libraries of reports filed there. Skills allow her to be more efficient at searching computer databases and national archives records, as well as continually adding to her repertoire of witty comebacks to the skepticism of her superiors. Unfortunately her attraction to the x-files of the government agency she works for are her downfall, as the further she digs into the records the fewer advancement opportunities present themselves.

  4. See? It could TOTALLY WORK!

    Now that we’ve designed the X Files MMO, is it time to move on to Gilligan’s Island?

    Lessee, you have seven classes — The Skipper, Gilligan, Millionaire, Millionaire’s Wife, The Professor, A Movie Star, Gillian…

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