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Play Wizard 101? Want a rare treasure card? Calamity Boompants will be on the Pixie realm, in Area 1, between 2 and 2:30 PM CST with cards the likes of which you won’t often see. Just, you know, don’t be standing behind her when her Boompants have a Calamity…

It’s hard to go anywhere on the web these days without running into some breathless enthusiasm for Twitter. CNN and Ashton Kutcher squared off to see who could get a million followers first. Today, talk show host Oprah Winfrey will have Ashton Kutcher on her show and Twitter live, on the air. Thousands of Twits are spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to use Twitter to extract money from you, the casual Twitter user. Why is Twitter suddenly more in the news than Facebook or MySpace (anyone remember MySpace?)

The founders of copyright infringement enablers Pirate Bay were found guilty in Sweden of copyright infringement and will each spend a year in jail and repay 30 million krone (about 3.6 million USD). Co-defendant Peter Sunde said they found out the verdict late last night, and tweeted, “It used to be only movies, now even verdicts are out before the official release.”

MMORPG.com is giving away 100 one month Spellborn subscriptions as well as some random other bits of computer hardware. So if trying to figure out Acclaim’s bizarre payment plans has kept you away from the game, why not try for a chance to play it on MMORPG’s nickel?

Ever play SimCity and wonder why there wasn’t a way to play your city with and against the cities of other players? City XL will let you do just that. It’s Sim City set on a planet covered with hundreds of player-run, photo-realistic cities. Massively is running a promotion which might help get you into the closed beta, while even normally reticent, but snarky, problog Rock, Paper, Shotgun is getting hit with the hype.

That’s all I got.

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4 thoughts on “Weblog 4/17”

  1. OOoOOoO CitiesXL!! clicky click with code in sweaty hand! Thanks for the link, I’d never have seen that otherwise – I don’t read gaming mags much (even online ones).

  2. I am kinda excited about this, too! My own, fond desire is that I can convince the godzillas, giant robots and mystery volcanoes to go bug that OTHER city and LEAVE MINE ALONE!

  3. I have been wondering why Twitter is in the news so much these days, too. It’s been around for…what? 3+ years? I know I’ve been using mine for about a year, and yet folks on television act as though it’s some strange new phenomenon.

  4. I do enjoy Twitter, I like its ability to form instant communities. But I would love it if all the celebrities and media junkies would just go back to MySpace or Facebook or Second Life and leave Twitter to regular people.

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