Very little about Free Realms closed beta


The NDA prevents me from going into any detail at all about Free Realms, but Massively has more Free Realms info than you can read, so I don’t really have to provide detail. I do have lots of screenies and reactions saved up, though.

My highest level job is five, so I can’t claim to have seen much of the game, but what I have seen is amazingly high quality. The minigames are integrated well into the world (in much the same way I expect they will be in Gatheryn), and the adventure instances are funny and a lot of fun.

I’ve recently decided that what I like most in MMOs is exploring new places and dressing up my character to look cool. Free Realms scratches both those itches.

More details when I can :)

PS — I do love the shoutouts to EQ2.

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6 thoughts on “Very little about Free Realms closed beta”

  1. I am in the beta also. There I admit it. I am letting my girlfriend play it. I am too hooked on Guild Wars now and still waiting for word on my Champions invite

  2. Arrghh!! I am so envious. I want a beta invite, too. *sniffles* Been obsessively checking my email every day hoping I’d have an email from them. :P

  3. Just got into the beta earlier today – oh how I wish we could openly talk/blog about it. I guess the most I can say is, I can’t wait for it to go live.

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