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… if I could draw your attention to your right, especially you WordPress bloggers …

I’ve written a WordPress Widget that shows your gaming (via XFire) for the past week. It still has one or two bugs issues challenges before I can release it publicly, but if anyone has any ideas of what they would like to see in such a widget, like sorting, or yes for times/no times, or live information or whatever… let me know.

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11 thoughts on “XFire WordPress Widget”

  1. Very nice. Though I’m still WP hosted (maybe not for much longer) so this is probably out of my reach. Also… I work for my mother, and my mother knows my websites, and I’m not sure I want to advertise that I’m playing instead of working. That adolescent guilt never quite goes away in the face of maternal disapproval. :D

  2. @Ysharros — after it’s ‘done’ done, which will be well after I release it for public use, I’ll submit it to WordPress so they can potentially add it to their plugin library. So even hosted WP sites will eventually be able to use it. I hope.

    @RC — you can change the title to “My Leetness!” and I won’t tell anyone :)

    @syncaine — anything you’d like to see/change/add?

    I wonder if I need to do some XFire attribution someplace. I better ask them.

  3. I don’t know what kind of xfire data you have access to, but one feature that I would REALLY like to see would be not only information about the games I played, but links to screenshots I took using xfire, summarized in a post. What would be REALLY awesome would be if they were categorized along with the information about the game played. So something like:

    Rob played Everquest for 3 hours:
    EVerquest Screenshots for 3/26/09:

    thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail … etc.

  4. Looks nice to me; I’d use it.

    I’m glad it doesn’t say *when* I played so that Ysh’s mom doesn’t know I’m slacking. Plus I know the GamerDNA updates often seem to be time-offset by a lot. I’m not sure if that error is introduced via GamerDNA or XFire, but it’s a bit awkward when it reports playing games for 12 hours on a Monday that I was working from home (when the game playing actually took place on Sunday).

    The only additions I can think of is maybe your XFire name and a link to your XFire profile page? Both optional, for privacy reasons.

    Looking forward to you releasing it into the wilds!

  5. @rob — I think I can get the screenshot thumbnails — I’ll look into it! Great suggestion.

    @Pete — it updates as soon as XFire updates, usually within a couple of minutes, I noticed during testing last night. Anyway, the time is over the previous week, not that day (though I can put in the daily info, and if you’re online playing a game right now, though I wonder if that will be useful).

    Links are one of the areas that has an issue, but I could add an optional link to your home page, I think.

    I guess I should give it the default title of ‘This Week’s Games’ or something.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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