Sick Sixth Six!

Okay, Stargrace tagged me with a meme to post the sixth screenshot from the sixth subfolder of my saved screenshots.

So that’s what I’m gonna do. All my file names are actually a hash code I made so I wouldn’t keep duplicate pictures so honestly, I don’t know what picture is gonna show here.

This is from my EQ Classic folder, and shows us in a Hate raid, before it was made into an xp zone.

That’s Bridgecrusher tanking, so this is either with United Norrath Coalition or A Twist of Fate, most likely UNC. I don’t see any recognizable planar armor, but I do see Kunark armor, so that would probably make this screen shot from sometime in mid-late 2000.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if anyone else wants to go through their screen shots — sixth screen in sixth subfolder — feel free, and link back :)

For Quain — I loved the old UI!!!

Heh :)

Oh yeah, check out the awesome Sol B armor.

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15 thoughts on “Sick Sixth Six!”

  1. Don’t forget the poor Bard there, she’s kicking Imbrued Legs which are tres sexy planar gear.

    I wish I could say was the sixth screenshot in my sixth folder, but it’s probably the only EverQuest screenshot I have left. I think I just love it as a reminder of the fact that I played in the ‘cockpit’ UI for 50+ levels. In my defense, my computer was so terrible that it helped performance (which is also why I’m playing in the top down view).

  2. Thank you. I suspect this will kill my MMO days. I’d like to think marriage will be more 1v1 than massively multi-player anthing lol.

  3. Wow (looking back at the lower screenshot), I can’t believe I was still using a Blackened Alloy Medallion at 46. I bet I still have all that gear around somewhere. Maybe not the BAM.

  4. Sorry I quit Facebook, but I wasn’t really checking it that often. Do you use any other social web things? Twitter? I like Twitter these days.

    Also, can I have your stuff?

    So happy to hear you’re finally getting hitched! Is this someone you met in England?

  5. Whoa, it’s Tipa. I had actually come across your blog a while ago, reading EQ2 and Wizard 101 stuff, but I didn’t realize it was you until you posted your signatures (because I obviously don’t read what is posted plainly on the site).

  6. Heh, I’m doing pretty good, been playing various stuffs for things, mainly EQ2 (on Antonia Bayle). I actually downloaded Wizard 101 again because of your posts so I’ve been playing that these days.

    Anyway, I started following you on twitter (I’m cambrian_man), it’s just cool when I see people I know out about the internet.

  7. Well this weekend I’ll be on W101 probably working on my PvP article if you wanna friend up. Do you still live in sunny California?

  8. Yup, after a brief time in San Diego, I’m back in LA. I’m a Wizard 101 noob, mind you. I got as far as the early parts of Kroktopia in beta, but in release, I’m just going through the early stuff in Firecat/Triton/Cyclops stuff. My character is Devin Silverspear. )

  9. If you have the Sunken City quest, we’re running through that tonight, you’re totally welcome to come along. It might be early for you, though…

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