The many worlds of Chronicles of Spellborn

I’ve been very, very many places in Spellborn. I’ve reached level 11 and am closing in on level 12, working on Quarterstone quests while I gain more levels with which to attempt the Trials of the Vault again — the spiders with the poison AE, they were the ones that got me, but I have some new spells now.

I thought it would probably be pretty boring having to EXPLAIN everything about the game, so I just made a comic. The quest in the comic is not a real quest, but goes to the same places as an actual House Rune quest (the actual quest deals with a lab experiment gone horribly, horribly wrong, and increasing tensions between House Rune and House Maul). I hope it gives a feeling for the world of Spellborn, both how it looks and the sort of things you do there. It is very much a story-based world, and the game is a heaven for roleplayers.

Here goes :) Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “The many worlds of Chronicles of Spellborn”

  1. Great comic! I quite like the “I just got here” and the running comments :)

    It is a great setting for RPing.

    As for the trial; if you run back up the stairs with the spiders then the crabs will not attack you directly and you can get some time to heal, if you need it.

  2. It starts slowly. The free trial takes you up to a little above level 7 — that’s the level you will likely be once you have done all the Hawksmouth quests and are about to move on to Aldenvault. I didn’t really begin to understand the game until I finished the newbie stuff which was not really that exciting. But it serves its purpose, which is to teach you how to play. That’s complicated enough.

    Now that I have a decent idea of how to play the game and have been accepted into a High House, become a Citizen and can now freely travel through the known Shards of the Enclave, I’m becoming more and more excited about the game.

    It still needs a LOT of polishing. The folks who translated the text to English are pretty arbitrary with the distinction between “Spirit” and “Soul”, which makes it interesting to figure out just what they mean when they send you to the Spirit Store or the Soul Store. They probably mean the other one. There are other translation errors, but that one is really annoying. There are broken quests. There is no means of fast travel that I’ve found, so you run a lot and going from one shard to another is a MAJOR hassle, but it probably should be something you don’t do casually.

    Folks are friendly and willing to help with quests. It is an explorer and storyteller’s paradise. The PvP servers are extremely busy if you like that sort of thing (I know I would do horribly at it).

    The only real downside for someone in the US, like me, is that I have to piggyback on the Euro servers because I can’t wait for Acclaim to get off their tushes and open the game!

    If you can play the free Euro trial, it’s worth checking out… but get to level 7 before you say yes or no to it.

  3. Taking the cabin option instead of the crew option when you travel with a shard ship transports you immediately to your location, instead of the two-minutes-travel-time-with-mandatory-fight of crew travel.
    But that costs money also of course, so not something one would do regularly at early levels at least.

    The Soul and Spirit confusion is a bit annoying yes. There are also some other errors in the quest descriptions that makes it hard to find what you are looking for. Finding the right enemies sometimes can also be a bit tricky, since some groups are referred to by multiple names, or are sub factions within larger groups etc. Knowing the lore helps.

    I must agree that once you get past the initial levels the game certainly gets more interesting. Too bad that the free 2 play part actually stops around level 7; if they stopped maybe at level 10 I think it would be easier to get more people excited about the game.

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