Not sold in a store near you…

… if you live in North America, South America, United Kingdom, Albania, Andorra, Australia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain or Turkey, anyway.

The art book is pretty :) Comes with a map and a flyer for the soundtrack CD, too. The art book is in English, the manual is in German, but both are written in a type that is too small for me to read, so I hope neither contained important info.

I haven’t installed it yet…

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4 thoughts on “Not sold in a store near you…”

  1. yay! I have been flying to France every week to play, and I am liking the full version a lot.

    I just upgraded my account, without the box.

    Anyway, I am playing on the Intl. PVE server…I’ll look for ya after Xmas! :)


  2. Too bad you can not read the manual, I was going to ask if you could see if it contained any important information…:)

    I’m also on Dravhavre (International PvE).

  3. It’s a really fun game, and don’t worry about the manual, it’s quite easy (and people actually use the zone chat, so if you have a question, just shout ;) )

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