Adventures in Monopoly #1: Duke Bear

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7 thoughts on “Adventures in Monopoly #1: Duke Bear”

  1. That resizing I had the browser do to make the layout work looks awful in Internet Explorer 6, but fine in Firefox 3. So I’ll have to fix that.

  2. Very clever…I love it! My son has adopted my dire bear as his own. He has become obsessed with it and every time I play EQ2 he has to ask me where my dire bear is.

    Son: “Daddy, where is your…what is that called again?”
    Daddy:”Dire bear”
    Son:”Daddy, where is your…um – Dire bear? Did he run away?”
    Daddy:”No, i just unsummon…erm, I got of him-”
    Son:”Where did he go? I don’t see him”
    Daddy:”Well you see I have this whistle that lets me summon him-”
    Son:”What does summon mean?”
    Daddy:”Summon means…………….um – yeah the dire bear ran away.”

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