Wizard 101: Harvest Festival is here!

Halloween is gone from Wizard City at last, and hot on the heels of Spooky Bob comes Harvest Hannah with a whole new inventory of crown gear to sell you. Don’t have any crowns? She also brings a way to earn crowns without paying for them, and she says she has placed Harvest Festival treasures on various boss mobs around the world.

That’s all well and good. But I find it kind of ironic that the wizards and witches of Wizard City would want to dress in pilgrim gear after all of those Salem witch trials. That’s a lot like deciding to wear a Nazi SS outfit in the streets of Tel Aviv, isn’t it? Just not a real good idea?

I half expected to see Headmaster Ambrose dressed up as Cotton Mather, but no such luck.

Anyway. Here’s the stuff Hannah Puritana sells.

Cotton Mather (by the way) seems to be a pretty cool guy, reading his Wikipedia article. He was concerned that the Puritans were losing their way, and urged these second and third generation immigrants to return to their roots, stop their worldly ways and get back to that good old religion, and why not burn some witches to show just how godly we all are?

Hey, you want the headdress of an oppressed Native American as much as the next person, but you can’t quite bring yourself to pay for crowns. There is a solution! Bringing friends into the game will earn crowns for both you AND your friend! Here’s the complete details:

“Invite friends and family to play Wizard 101! You will earn 1250 Crowns for each person who subscribes or buys $10 worth of Crowns (in a single purchase). Plus friends and family who subscribe will also get 1250 Crowns.”

Where was this LAST month?

Ah well :)

KingsIsle, I love the new outfits, but it’s way past time to give us appearance slots so we can wear fun but stat-less gear like this over our magic robes, hats and boots! Otherwise, the outfits are bought, worn for awhile, and then, reluctantly, put away, never to be seen again. And that’s sad!

Appearance slots, please!

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4 thoughts on “Wizard 101: Harvest Festival is here!”

  1. “That’s a lot like deciding to wear a Nazi SS outfit in the streets of Tel Aviv, isn’t it?”

    I snorted coffee. Thanks for that — my sinuses thank you too!

    And yes, where was this referral thing YESTERDAY, when I conn– talked the spousal unit into getting a W101 sub?!

  2. Hands down, the indian headdress wins.

    I don’t know, I kind of like that it’s easy to distinguish someone’s level by the clothes they have on. I also like that I can see a young necromancer in krokotopia and think fondly, “I wore those clothes once.” oo! hey! what if they made it so that when you hit 50th level you unlocked appearance slots? I love incentives and goals. Kind of like how back in the day it was so awesome to finally be 20th level in EQ because you got to add a last name?

  3. That’s exactly what people said when EQ added armor dyes with the Legacy of Ykesha expansion — people liked knowing what armor people had by looking. And of course, the uber people liked it best, because they looked unique. After dyes were added, everyone looked pretty much however they liked.

    But at least people weren’t forced to swap out their armor to look cool, any more. My SK had a full suit of Sentient Armor, which was really crappy, but before the Luclin expansion removed unique armor textures, it looked very cool, like nothing else. But it was a real pain having to carry it around to put it on in EC or wherever for social reasons.

    If KI is going to sell statless, but cool looking, clothing for real money, the least they could do is let us wear it. They’ve got their hand on the doorknob; now they just need to open the door.

  4. I have been trying to get in the wizerd 101 game and you say that the game will work for me again.
    I don’t know what I’m going to do with out this game.
    I tryed to put off my computer to see if that would work it did not work at all so I’m E-mailing you to tell you there’s some thing not right and hopfly will get it right some day.
    I’m on 19 in the game and hope to get to 20 very soon I just hope that this wizerd 101 can be up and running soon.
    Thank you for your time from your friend Paul Gerard Mazzola.

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