Spellborn: Two week warning!

If everything is still on schedule, Spellborn NV’s “The Chronicle of Spellborn” should be out two weeks from yesterday, published in North American by Acclaim. I’ve heard nothing from Acclaim as to how to get the game; I imagine it will be a free-to-play download with a starting area, plus a massive full-game download if you choose to subscribe, but who knows?

It’s looking like there will be no open beta, so the first time we’ll be seeing it is when it’s released. I don’t know if they will be hosting the download themselves, or seeding it through FilePlanet.

Not a lot of info about the game itself, but there is new lore and new screenshots posted on the Spellborn website, dealing with two of the enemy factions. There’s also a previous post that I missed dealing with targeting opponents in a game with no target locking via The Reticule — basically a cursor that changes depending on the range to your target and your active skill.

I’ve been waiting for this game so long that I have to admit to feeling less excited about it. You can only anticipate something so long, after all.

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13 thoughts on “Spellborn: Two week warning!”

  1. Can we say you felt “Hyped” up?

    And it will be like the first time you…”ya know” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)…it will be the total build up, then BAM, it is over within seconds…

    Sad really..

  2. The game hasn’t really been hyped all that much. I just remember writing Spellborn articles for Massively, trying to counter what I felt was over-hype for AoC and WAR with news about other decent MMOs that also deserved a look. Delay after delay, reports that the game had a good foundation but wasn’t actually all that much fun, etc. All through the months of delay, though, I’ve been keeping optimistic about it.

    Just — it’s been so long. I’ve been following this game for years now. Coming out the same week as EQ2’s expansion won’t help things, either.

    Oh, don’t get me wrong. I will play it, and I hope to be blown away and be madly posting about it just like I do with W101 because, like W101, it will be such a fantastic game that I can’t help playing it.

    That’s my hope, anyway :)

    Also, I feel kinda sad for you about your first… “you know”.

  3. I haven’t heard much about this game, but the deck based combat system sounds intriguing. Intriguing enough to pull me away from EQ2 with the new expansion? Not sure. But I hope so. :) I’ve become a somewhat jaded MMO gamer lately.

  4. I’ve been following this from a looooooooooooong distance for what, several years now? I am going to try not to get sucked into the hype machine any more than necessary from now on. (Famous last words.)

    Thanks for this reminder, it had been a while since I thought to check on the release date.

  5. This must be one of the must under-hyped major MMO (is it major?) launches I can remember. Hopefully the free trail is pain-free to acquire, and not like the EQ2 trial. If it takes me 15-30 minutes to get it and get in the game, it might be worth a glance, anything beyond that and it’s going to take some seriously positive blog posts to convince me.

  6. @Tipa
    Never said the game was Hyped…said YOU were. You have followed it, discussed it…tried to keep it out there…yet, I hope it is not like the other 99% of under hyped MMO’s (bad)

    Yet…the hyped ones are also bad. Hmmm…MMO’s seem to not be good at all anymore, except for the rae gems people find.

    As to the first time..believe me, I am not the ONLY male this has happened to…just most are not willing to admit it.
    And it goes without saying..it can be anything, and NOT just that…say like the first time to a new restaurant, and you get the nasty food, or that awesome movie that you hated…

    Or kinda like playing LOTRO and WAR….lol (always willing to enrage more fanboys is my motto)

    Cheers (and lets hope Spellborn is ok…that’s all we can do!)

  7. This was the game I was going to be leaving WOW to play. However, it took forever and a day to release with very sparse information about the game during development. The website itself was horrendous so I just gave up. Even knowing that the web team and game development teams aren’t the same, I couldn’t help but wondering, “if this is the talent they assemble to build this site, Gawd only knows who’s coding the game.”

    If I remember correctly there’s a micro payment model or something? I hope so for their sake. They couldn’t get me to purchase another MMO box right now. I might take a peak depending on what others say about the trial.

  8. @Saylah I think launching in November right around all these other releases was a bad move for them, but on the other hand, I know they are almost broke and HAVE to release.

    As far as I know, the game itself is a subscription if you want to leave the newbie grounds.

    I certainly would not expect people leveling characters in WotLK to give Spellborn a look, and nor should they. Even if this game is fantastic — and I hope it is — it’s a new game by a company that has never done an MMO before, and there are bound to be issues. By the time people are caught up with WotLK, the game should be in good shape and, since it won’t have to deal with the hype spike, it will have a chance to start at a reasonable size and then grow from word of mouth, like EVE.

  9. Indeed, this is propably the underhyped product of the year. Which isnt bad actually, in fact its kinda refreshing considering the other two big releases this year (three if you count WoTLK). I was struck for a moment earlier this week as I realized TCoS is going to be released soonish. Havent played the beta for some while I enjoyed running a new Runemage through the starting quests. Especially the combat system is pretty fun and dynamic as it forces you to actually dodge enemy attacks and tweak your skill deck to match the mobs your fighting and group setup.

    Considering packages and payment, earlier tonight I have recieved an email with some details and amazon preorder links. Unfortunatly, Im not at my desktop atm and will be as early as tomorrow so bear with the little details I have preserved in the twists of my mind… =) I’ll verify the info as I get home.

    There will be two boxes: a regular edition coming with the game client on DVD, a world map and 1 month subscription time for around 15 euro (dont nail me on that… yet) and a special edition with the previous content and additionally an art book, some special ingame item and 3 month of subscription time for 39,90 euro.

    The monthly rates will depend on the billing model you choose and will lower the longer the cycle. Itll start at 12,99 euro using a 1 month cycle and goes down to 10,99 euro per month using a 6 month cycle. Additionally, there will be 60 days Game Cards availible for 26,99 euro.


  10. Am I going bonkers or didn’t somewhere say that it was going to be free with optional micro payments? If it’s a box purchase I’m not likely to bother this year which leaves plenty of time for people to post reviews.

  11. @Saylah:
    No, they never said free with micropayments, but it was interpreted as such when Acclaim said that it would be “free to play” and later Spellborn clarified that it was only the starting zone that was free.

  12. Yeah Acclaim was widely misreported as saying F2P plus microtransactions, which sparked a same day post by Spellborn NV clarifying what they really said.

    But nobody really knows for sure because the press release from August announcing they would publish Chronicles of Spellborn is the ONLY information on their site.

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