STO: To go boldy…

Thanks to TheRemedy for the heads-up on the Cryptic Star Trek Online trailer. The trailer jumps from fight scene to fight scene, and the game seems to go boldly where all the single player games have gone before. Some of these fights look straight out of Star Trek Armada 2, and the hand-to-hand fights look just as pointless as fights in every other MMO. I did some poking around the Cryptic web site and found a list of quest descriptions. I’m interested to hear about more STO quests if you know of any :)

QUEST #: 137
QUEST NAME: Mirror Academy
LOCATION: Starfleet Academy
OBJECTIVES: Kill [15] [Mirror Universe Cadets]
TEXT: Ah, [Player]. An engineering student coupled the phase-inhibiting core bayronic-matter enhancer with the prime cycle correlator and created a rift in space time and now the cadet mess hall is hopping with Starfleet cadets from the mirror universe. Kill [N] of them and return to me for your reward.

QUEST #: 2048
QUEST NAME: It is a good day to die…t
LOCATION: Ice moon of Alpha 3
OBJECTIVES: Harvest [50] [Alpha 3 Ice Snowballs]
TEXT: We are sorry to interrupt your training exercises, but the Balfoozian delegation will be here in two Earth days, and we’re all out of their favorite kind of ice cream. Please take a shuttle from the shuttle bay and harvest [N] [Item] from the Ice Moon of Alpha 3. Good luck, and watch out for the Alphanian Rabbits!

QUEST #: 16184
QUEST NAME: Don’t be Kahless with that!
LOCATION: Klingon Home World
Objectives: Raid
TEXT: [Player], you will have a long and glorious career here in Starfleet. But this is no time to rest upon your laurels. We have word that the evil Klingons are attempting to bring to life a fallen leader to lead them into battle against the Federation. Gather your classmates and take shuttle Copernicus to the Klingon home world. There, you will break in to the Imperial Palace, kill 100 Councilmen and 20 High Councilmen. Make your way into the inner sanctum, and kill the Warlord and the Emperor before they can use a chronosynclastic biofeedback loop to resurrect Kahless. This will be your hardest assignment. And I must impress upon you — if Kahless is brought to life, it could mean the end of the Federation, Starfleet, and your career. See that dead heroes stay dead. Your final grade depends upon it.

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7 thoughts on “STO: To go boldy…”

  1. Well, the trailer showed battles vs the Borg in space, and battles vs the Klingons and the Borg on ship and land. First,, as has been mentioned, the Federation is trying its best not to get on the bad side of the Klingons. And anyway, the Treaty of Organia and later, the Khitimer Accord, have made the Klingons allies, if not friends, much of the time. Killing a Klingon, even a criminal one, was a matter of concern for the Empire. As for the Borg… they were supposed to be nearly unstoppabl. Now they are fodder.

    So no, I was not impressed. And as I mentioned, many of the single player Star Trek games have already covered this sort of ground.

  2. Yay! I’m the third word! *Happy Dance* I agree with everything you said and the only real positive I can think of is that it looks good.

  3. Maybe they’ll have wonderfully innovative quests like:

    This quest displays the great interactive environment!
    Gorn Rampage
    Your shuttle crashed on an H class planet with no phaser or communicator, and another shuttle will not arrive for 3 days. Unfortunately, a Gorn military transport also crashed on the same planet. Kill [N] Gorn with only objects you find lying on the ground.

    Another quest showing the new diplomacy system!
    Rielian Pomphar
    The Rielian delegation must make it to Alterras 4, but Rielians must have sex every few hours or they suffer internal bleeding and could die. As captain it’s your job to make sure they get to the peace conference alive, by any means necessary.

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