Bloggers of ye elder games, WRU?

I don’t know how many people come looking for EverQuest blogs, but there are darn few in the blogosphere that actually cover events in EQ from a player’s perspective. Aside from those bloggers in Nostalgia, and the occasional EQ-oriented post from Loral at, I can’t find any.

For that matter, where are the DAoC blogs? The Asheron’s Call blogs? The Ultima Online blogs?

Come ON. I played DAoC but not those other games. I would LOVE to hear about current play in these older games, but never anything in blogs. It has been explained to me that “back in the day”, discussion of these games was done via official or community forums, cuz blogs did not exist.

Well. They exist NOW.

Is there nobody working through Shadowbane since the reboot that blogs about it? Anyone restarting on DAoC’s “Old Frontier” server who is giving the world a play-by-play?

I mean, come on. I’m talking to you people who still play the Elder Games, the ones from BW — Before World of Warcraft. (and as an aside, we should mark game release dates like that — EQ1 would be released 5BW, Ultima Online 6BW, EQ2 0AW, etc). You UO fans, would it kill you to take a screenshot of your adventures on a day and paste it into a free WordPress or Blogger page?

I LOVE hearing players talk about games I don’t play, since I only have time for a couple but have a huge interest in MMOs in general. I never even got to play UO because I thought it looked so ancient next to EQ.

So anyway, all ye Players of the Elder Games… let’s have some blogs, cuz I want to read your adventures.

And hey, fellow EQ players… I know NOTHING about what it’s like to play in The Buried Sea or Secrets of Faydwer expansions. Cough up some blog posts about them, please. I ask as a fellow player who hopes one day to see these wonders :)

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9 thoughts on “Bloggers of ye elder games, WRU?”

  1. I went back to give Asheron’s Call another try last year, and after trying it for about a month, I simply realized that I didn’t have the desire to play it anymore. It had nothing to do with the rather rudimentary graphics by today’s standard, but more to do with the fact that anymore, the game consists of grinding in one of a few dungeons with a rather small player base with a rather lacking combat system. For me, AC had a great deal to do with how much I enjoyed the community and being able to explore. Since I didn’t have my high level character that I did before (I lost my account information) and the community was rather small my last go-round (albeit decent,) I really had little desire to keep playing. I did go and check out all of my old haunts that I could considering the level that I got to by the time I quit, but like I said, it just isn’t the same as it was. Believe me, I truly wish I still enjoyed playing as much as I used to, as you can see with one of my posts today.

    That said, I am going to give EverQuest a little bit of play time, considering I never gave it a fair shot back in its hayday. I’m really not sure what to expect or what I’m hoping to get out of it, but I’m curious to see it :)

  2. Heh, well, nothing I ever heard about AC made me want to switch from EQ, but when I went to DAoC, there were LOTS of people from AC (and EQ, of course). And then talked about it then the way I talk about EQ now. So there’s got to be one of that small but dedicated AC player base who has something to say about it — and I wish they would!

    That said, looking forward to seeing you in EQ :)

  3. Hi there.
    It’s been a while since I’ve subscribed to your blog. Tho I haven’t played eq (played uo, eq2 etc. tho) I share many of your thoughts about current state of MMORPGs. And I thought that maybe this thread will will be interesting to you:

    Sorry for it being not so related to the this blog post – just don’t know better place to post it.

  4. *steps out of the woods*
    Hi Tipa!
    *peers at Tipas list of games*
    You have time to play all those?

    So I hear EQ1 is having some kind of reactivation for old accounts (hardcore just doesn’t sound right o_O ). Tried to take a peak, thought I would wander around crushbone and chat up Dvinn for old times sakes. Can’t log into the stupid Sony Station. Have to wait till the weekday to call support, can’t recall the password or specific email :( . Could of sworn I logged in a few months back to the Station.

    Ivy Etched is still in style isn’t ? <_<

  5. Oddly enough I spent two hours today camping the L Guk quest piece for Ivy Etched gloves. Nothing brings back the memories like waiting for a rare spawn.

  6. TORTH!!!!

    Hey old friend :) How have you been and WHERE have you been?

    We have the next best thing to UNC going on Luclin right now, you should come by and say hello :)))

    Did you do Vanguard? Last time I heard from you, you were thinking of heading there.

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