EQ2’s next expansion — The Shadow of Odyssey

SOE has just registered trademarks for (presumably) the next expansions for EQ and EQ2.

EQ2’s next expansion is The Shadow of Odyssey,

while EQ’s next expansion is The Seeds of Destruction.

Shadow of Odyssey… well, since Luclin was the shadowed moon and the gateway to the Plane of Shadow was within it, I think I have to call “I WIN” on this one. Given the connections between the Everlings, the Tunarian Throne and Luclin disclosed recently…

We’re going to the Moon, Alice. To the fuggin’ MOON.

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31 thoughts on “EQ2’s next expansion — The Shadow of Odyssey”

  1. Perhaps it is the continuation of the story of the fate of the Shissar and how they became the Shadowmen? Odyssey being the journey the Shissar have taken to try to save themselves and the shadow is traces of that journey left behind for us to discover.

  2. I haven’t heard that Shadowmen came from Shissar. In EQ1, Shadowmen and Shissar co-exist, but I guess that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have been one race in the past. Well, but we know the Shissar were the ancient rulers of Kunark.

    When they say “of Odyssey”, it seems to me that Odyssey is something that could either actually cast a shadow, or something that could cast a metaphorical shadow, such as a harbinger of some great evil.

    Love to see what it turns out to be. With a title that gives so little away, I hope it’s something amazing. If it just turns out to be, “hey, look, we brought back the Tower of Frozen Shadow, except now it’s TEN levels high!”.

    One thing I wish they would consider — and for all I know, they did — is to use the expansion as an excuse to upgrade the entire world and move things forward. Though I guess it would be tough to make that into an optional upgrade.

  3. There is no direct link between the Shadowmen and the Shissar but that doesn’t mean one can not unfold during the course of events. The Shissars tried to defy the gods by trying to becoming gods themselves. Perhaps as a punishment they where stripped of their corporeal form and banished into another dimension and back in time.

  4. I spend 1 week away from the internet and this is what happens… damn i allways pick the wrose weeks..

    any way W00t that sound cool. Thouse it dosn’t mean its on the moon it self, a huge chuck of the moon could of landed on norath and it is its own island.

  5. I hear in maj’duls pea cock club is a Lady who talks abaout Odus, Velious and Befallen.
    before RoK was it a Iksar who talks about Kunark
    and before EoF was it a Dwarf who talks about Kaladim.

    And the next place can never been Luclin, do you forget it? Luclin don’t exist anymore.
    only the two other moons Drinal and Morrell(only visible in Maj’Dul)

    but the keyword is Odyssey not Shadow

  6. Morrell-Thule is the god of dreams. I hadn’t heard he had a moon named after him. The orrery in the Tower of the Moon in Maj’Dul shows Norrath as having on two moons, with the Luclin one cracked.

    Of course Luclin is still around — it’s just in pieces. The whole moon was filled with magical power (the Nexus, remember, was a Combine installation near the center of Luclin, and the NPCs would talk about the magical energy there). With so much magic being flung about, can you be certain nothing lives there?

    I thought Befallen was known in EQ2 as Stormhold? They share some similarities.

  7. It was a woman who talks about it, not if it realy comes, who knows it.
    maybe Stormhold opens a new zone

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