Actually, EQ is NOT dead. Wanna play?


Based on last week’s discussion where we started off wondering if it was ever possible to get back that “first MMO” feeling, that veered into nostalgia, a few of us thought, maybe we would give EQ a try again. Well, that sounded good to me, so I reactivated my other account, and there for the first time in a year stand my two mains in EQ — Brita the cleric and Tipa the rogue. After raiding Thuuga and Emerald Halls on EQ2, I logged over to EQ to chat, and then omg… a pickup raid. Tonight was the last night of Fabled, and the raiders were trying to get them all killed before they were put away for another year.

I had Brita re-activated, but I didn’t have her UI, I didn’t have her macros, her hot keys, her spell-sets… I had NOTHING. So naturally I head right over to the Plane of Fire and join up. Everyone there was red to me. Since I’ve been gone, the level cap raised from 75 to 80, but clerics get in anywhere even if they’re gimp like me. It felt GREAT to be in a TEAM again. Raids in EQ2 are so tiny, but in EQ1…. rawr…. you’re a professional fighting force. Since it remains so incredibly hard to level in EQ, and since you need to group for nearly all of it. Every. Single. Raider. KNOWS their job. We had eight or nine groups, many of whom had never raided together before, and everyone knew exactly what to do. This is something you simply do not see in other games. That air of professionalism.


I had forgotten how much I liked being part of a team of professionals. Raids in EQ2 are laissez-faire. We clerics fell into a dynamic CH pattern, with some of us dropping to fast heals when needed — and nobody said a thing. We ALL knew what to do and how to adapt our healing for each mob. I guess it helped that we had all done the non-Fabled versions of these mobs many times in our own guilds.

That’s Quavonis Firetail there. He shadowsteps the raid — MA, healers, everyone. All the time. It’s friggin annoying… I saw a bunch of old guildies there, and they wanted to see me in a raiding guild again. After tonight, I would be really tempted. I wrote an article for Massively awhile back about 5 MMOs better than WoW, noting that EQ raiding blows WoW raiding away. The encounters may be of similar complexity, but get together 50 people with NO ADD ONS, all they have to use is their brains, memory and training, all working together like a team — controlling aggro without aggro meters, figuring out who to heal without rows of health bars — doing so much with so little information. Well. raid in WoW with twice as many people but no add-ons and no voice (never really caught on in EQ)… you get the idea.


EQ has a lot more mounts now…

A few of us have decided to see if we CAN recapture some of the EQ magic by bringing a static group that meets once a week from level 1 to whatever, seeing all the new zones and, one last time, seeing Norrath as newbies. We have five characters now — Einhorn as tank, Stargrace as monk, Cordanim as rogue, Egat as enchanter, and me as cleric. We could use a sixth :) Or if there are enough people who think this would be kind of fun, we could make two groups. We’ll be starting off on the Luclin server every Friday at 7PM Eastern Time. It’s going to be fun!

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38 thoughts on “Actually, EQ is NOT dead. Wanna play?”

  1. Ooooh, Luclin server is where I had my last few EQ nostalgia periods, so I have a couple mid-teens characters wandering around there already. Hrmmmm.

  2. There’ll be room tomorrow :) And I think we almost have enough for a third group, but I think there will likely always be someone missing on any given day until the third group gets going.

    Register at and I’ll give you access to all the guild goodness.

  3. well.. i haven’t played EQ in forever and I just typed in google “how many people still play everquest 1” and this site popped up making me want to play again lol. I loved EQ raiding.. Plane of Time and Fire were my favorites.. I hated Water :(

  4. Water was okay, but in Kedge Keep, I could barely breathe IRL my first time there. It was horrid.

    Ghais, LOTS of people still play EQ, but later this month I think, or early next, the first new EQ server in years opens, the 51/50 server. New characters start off at level 51 with 50 AAs, so day 1, people will be taking down Vox and Naggy and Phinny and then moving right on to the newer content. I’m really excited about it.

    (This post is a year old, we actually had a lot of fun going through the 1-70 content last year in EQ, with a LOT of Naggy and Vox killing along the way!)

  5. haha yea I noticed it was a year old after i replied… Sweet.. do you know when later this month it will happen? Cause that will be awesome.

  6. Wow, I’m not alone! I feel like I left a piece of me back in EQ when I left. What a wonderful game. I was talking with my brother in-law last night about the old EQ1 days and he said that it was still live. We talked about maybe reactivating and giving it a whirl, but I’m afraid no one will be around and I’ll have no idea what to do after all this time. I read that there are now 15 expansions and 1,500 zones, and I have no idea what changes have taken place since me and my brother left in about 2004. It’s a little overwhelming to think about and I shudder to think of the old wound that would be re-opened if I had to leave this wonderful experience behind once again.

    What have been your thoughts about conquering the learning curve after such a long time? Where did you go? How did you decide where to level/group at when you went back? Oh, and thanks for your original post. I was pleasantly surprised when it turned up in my search on EQ1 :)

  7. haha i have got hooked on this game again… :( lol going back to all the old zones i leveled in before. I love it all over again! :-P

  8. Dear Tipa, I started everquest when I was 13 or 14.. I actually grew up with the game. Currently i’ll be turning 23 in august. Being that I was so young I really just hung out most of the time… Explored. Felt the actual magic the game had to offer. Lol six years of everquest and my highest character ever turned out to be 65. I lastest through luclin and pop. A couple afterwards but things started to die … I miss everything. Honestly, I check and see how EQ is doing through forums and such every other month or so. Are you guys still playing? I’d really like to finish up what I started years ago and feel what I havent felt out of a mmorpg in a long time.

    Another funny ps.

    I now play wow….. Characters name happens to be Qeynos ;) hahaha

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