MMO on the EEE

Bet you’re saying, “OMG! She’s back in WoW!” Well, no. Not yet, anyway.

I’ve been looking at Asus’ Eee super-portable computer for awhile, and have caught my son and sister admiring it at BJ’s. The Eee is a very, very small computer with a solid-state drive and amazing portability, and is really cute :) The screen size is a little small, but they are about to release the new Eee 900 series, which has a larger screen, multi-touch touch pad, and Linux or Windows XP.

Now, my main use would be for what my gaming laptop proved unsuited for; being portable. Sure, I can play EQ2 in the living room or in airports, but without my headset, my G15 gaming keyboard, my mouse, my drawing tablet, my entire freakin’ Linux computer sitting right next to it… well, it takes a long time to unhook it, move to new room, plug in the power supply, and make do without all the cool peripherals in the other room. So anyway. Wish I had a decent paint program. But basically, I would use it for the things that aren’t worth the hassle of moving my gaming laptop for — like shelling into my Linux box and having it transfer movies to my Windows laptop, which, running Vista, acts as a media source for my Xbox, which can play movies on the TV.

So: To watch a movie on the TV —

  1. Connect to Baphomet from the Eee.
  2. cp xxxxxx.avi laptop/
  3. chmod aug+r laptop/* (probably not necessary or allowed)
  4. (On Xbox) Media > Shared Videos
  5. Watch movie!

This would also allow me to do some writing without having to be alone in the dark. And it’s small enough so that I could carry it with me — something that is difficult with my gaming laptop, and kind of scary, since that contains pretty much everything. Losing it would be a hardship.

Anyway, if I had such a computer — slow, small screen, but very portable — I wouldn’t necessarily want to run MMOs on it. But… could I if I wanted to?

Well, this guy has gotten World of Warcraft to run on it. Not well, not fast, definitely not uber — but running. Not sure if I would reactivate my account just to run the game on a non-gaming notebook, but given that it’s possible, what else might run?

Well, aside from WoW, which runs about as you’d expect (but it runs), there’s a whole thread in the Windows gaming forum about free-to-play MMOs that run on the Eee.

The downside to this of course is that it requires you to have Windows running instead of Linux. Which would change my movie watching; instead of pushing through the Linux machine, I’d have to Remote Desktop into the laptop and pull from the Linux machine. It could work but just… well, Windows… Is it worth that much to be able to play games poorly? Maybe not. But Kongregate has hundreds of Flash games that should run fine on the Eee under Linux…

Well, I am so glad my sister bought me a huge purse for Christmas. If I get this, I’ll need it :) What with my Reader, this, Nintendo DS…

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  1. You’ve both gotten a Google group invite where we can talk about this more. If anyone else is interested in checking out EQ, leave a note and I’ll add you as well.

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