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It’s a signup for a closed beta for a search engine with a “coverflow” display, looks really cool, goes on the theory that if you could shuffle through the websites returned from a search, you could find the one you’re looking for fast.

They only have < 300 beta invites left, and it was a lot higher when I got mine, so I am not going to write a lot about it. Just go get in the beta and let me know how it works for ya.

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4 thoughts on “searchme — sign up *right now*”

  1. Got mine – said there were 899 left.

    Guess they shoveled more on the pile.

    Pretty interesting – though I wouldn’t exactly want to use this at work – with this it just shows you those google links pictorially and denies you the option of reading them before saying “Probably shouldn’t click there!”.

    Seems more useful to use in a “DAMN IT WHAT WAS THAT WEBSITE I SAW YESTERDAY I REMEMBER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE BUT CAN’T THINK OF THE ADDRESS! *explode*” kind of situations.

    Definitely cool, thanks for sharing this Miss Tippy!

  2. Thanks Tipa, that is fun to use all right. My only gripe at present is that it I can’t get a page to open in a new Firefox tab.

  3. Holy cripes… why can’t I ever think of these ideas? Those guys will wind up millionaires within the year thanks to a buyout or some investor. Man, I need to think of something evolutionary… and then learn how to code it. LOL.

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