Perhaps because I learned last night of the sad death of Adam Messer, an old friend and coworker from Digital Research (of cancer, which claimed both my parents and will likely claim me), I dreamed (as I have before) that I was back there, in Monterey, working at DRI again.

Whenever I return there in my dreams, I wonder what has happened in my life to send me back twenty years. DRI was a great place, a huge family, but we all knew it was doomed. A place of joy and sadness.

Last night’s dream ended with me going home because DRI had closed (in my dreams, DRI is always closing up, though I left before Novell bought them and moved the whole thing to Utah). I still had work to do, and when I got home, there was the old amber-screened Zenith terminal I did all my programming with, though luckily the huge bricks of the CompuPro S-100 68K computer weren’t around.

That was the last time I ever used a terminal to program. I don’t know why I dreamed about it.

Then I see this Craigslist posting about a guy who is looking for a woman with whom to raise a child in the command-line, Unix way :)

I bet he dreams in text…

3 Responses to “Death and Command Lines”
  1. Zygwen says:

    In the Beginning…was the Command Line

  2. mbp says:

    Wow Tipa. Did you really work for DRI? As some one who grew up in the heady days of the microcomputer revolution Intergalactic Digital Research has a fabulous mythical resonance. Were you there when Dr. Kildall “dropped the ball”?

  3. Tipa says:

    I really did work at DRI, but that IBM thing was a done deal long before I went to work for them. When I started, the IBM PC/AT — the computer with the super powerful 80286 processir — was still a year from release. Our job: Write system software for it.