Rock Band destroyed my ability to listen to rock.

I just finished listening to “Rose Colored Glasses” by Animal Logic — one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands.

And I didn’t enjoy it at all.

See, that’s Stewart Copeland, of The Police, on drums. And his drums are so complicated and intricate that I only hear the drums… Stanley Clarke’s bass, gone. Deborah Holland’s voice — I don’t hear it.

All I hear is the pounding of the drums.

Sometimes a song comes up with really crappy drums. And I like those songs — I can relax and enjoy them without trying to figure out how to play the drum part and knowing I will never be able to.

Ah, a Tubes song came on. Joy. “Amnesia” — how appropriate. I could play this song in my sleep :)

Guitar Hero supposedly got a lot of people into guitars. Rock Band is going to send a crowd of bleary-eyed newbie drummers to the music store.

They don’t really need to run there just yet, though. The Rock Band drum kit is a *real* electronic drum kit — you can just plug it into your computer (some drivers may be needed), feed it into a synthesizer filled with drum patches and play whatever you want.

How long before someone takes the Rock Band kit on a real stage? Not long, I bet.

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8 thoughts on “Rock Band destroyed my ability to listen to rock.”

  1. omg…!

    Seriously, I’d kill for a decent riser to rest the thing on that would pad the pounding the same way that the stacked blankets I use now do, without the kit traveling away from me and being such an uncomfortable base for the kick pedal.

    I think lights and smoke effects are just a little “out there” for a fake band. And probably a lot of real ones.

  2. @David: Yes, they are (were). A drummer friend who had just moved up from LA (to Monterey, where I lived then) introduced me to them. Back then we developed software in a bullpen setting with a lot of music and I was just blown away, we played Animal Logic II all the time. That same guy introduced me to NRBQ.

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