Still looking for a Mythos Beta invite? Taylor Balbi, Community Manager for Mythos, has given a bunch of new invites to a couple of people and all you have to do is go to their IRC channel and ask!

Hey guys! Well, you don’t have to WAIT for an invite. You can head over to our IRC channel where we have given two of the long time fans a bunch of invites. The server:
The chan: #mythos
The Inviters: G-15 and Sulfuric!

Unfortunately, they didn’t give any invites to me… but if you’re looking to get in, check out that IRC channel.

Edit: READ THE COMMENTS for an even better way to get a Mythos beta invite!

3 Responses to “Still looking for a Mythos Beta invite?”
  1. Sulfuric says:

    Hi, Sulfuric (Yes, the Harbinger of Invites himself) here.

    Glad to see word of mouth is spreading the news of Mythos so well!

    For those looking for invites, if you’re unable to use IRC, there is an alternative method. Go to and sign up. Then go to the COURT subforum and post in the stickied thread “The Official Invite Thread”

    G-15 or I will get around to inviting you sometime.

    See you ’round!

  2. NoahBlack says:

    Hello… Im trying to get the beta for a longgg time, but i cant… i cant register on the forum and the mirc cant connect… can u guys help me?

    if u can send me a beta on …. thx very much

  3. Tipa says:

    You’re a little late. Mythos was canceled a year ago. Sorry :( You might try Torchlight, though — it’s by many of the same people.