EQ2: Terror from Beyond the Portal

They dealt with the terror in their homes and in their hearts… but could they deal with the TERROR FROM BEYOND THE PORTAL?

Gah… I have to remember not to post while listening to X Minus One… (Time and Time Again by H. Beam Piper ftw).

I started getting these odd tells from officers when we were in Freethinkers Hideout. “Are you scout specced?”

I’m a troubador. I spent 100 AAs to make mages into finely tuned death machines. Scout specced… what, they think I woke up as a dirge?

If I were “scout specced”, the only scout I’d be speccing is ME. Drop some of those spellcasting lines, go up the intelligence tree, maybe play around in the agility line… yeah… that would be scout specced, Dina-style.

While I was trying to explain this, I was swapped with another troubador — some pickup troub — and placed in a group with scouts.

Well… okay… guess I’ll sing my attack speed song and hope for the best…

This was the Portal group. Here’s how this named goes down.

She’s just this gal, standing there, and we’re this huge raid. What could possibly go wrong?

This gal has some tricks, though. Every few seconds, she sucks out someone’s soul like, say, mine, and sends it to kill them. And you’re frozen in terror while your soul is about, only able to move and attack at a snail’s pace. All you can do, is die.

But that’s not all. Every half a minute or so, she summons help through a mystic portal. And that’s where my group came in. Our job was to catch the adds and kill them before they got into the raid. This all puts a time limit on the raid — sooner or later, the souls will kill too many people, who will be rezzed with low power. So if the raid dps isn’t 20K or better — well, it’s going to be painful.

Our dps hovered between 11K and 14K.

And yeah, it was painful.

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5 thoughts on “EQ2: Terror from Beyond the Portal”

  1. He? Hon you need to get a closer look.. those are breasts. *grins*
    We always joke about her ‘fingering’ folks… (the effect when you get frozen.. says she’s fingered you).. nothing crude there.. at all.

    [Ed. — oops. fixed! thanks!]

    Ok. I have my troub who I adore (and who, low and behold is going to be my ‘main’ for RoK..) why they would switch you into a melee group vs. your steady mage group (I assume you play your troub like I play mine for the most part, mage-like) and stick a pick up troub in there I’ve no idea. Honestly, some times, I really think people who have never played a bard, have no idea what their capabilities are or what they can contribute — if given the chance — Stick us in a crappy group and we’re going to be crappy.

    Another method of doing this raid is to mez the adds that spawn through the portal. You can also use a mem-wipe technique on the named that prevents her from summoning her adds. Or off tank. There’s so many ways to defeat the encounter, I love it.

  2. Yeah, I know about swapping aggro so no tank has it more than four seconds, and about mezzing adds (I even mezzed one). But for some reason — maybe not enough tanks, or no chanters, they decided to do it this way.

    The reason, they explained to me, why they took me out of the mage group is that they thought their pickup troub would screw up the portal group. So they took me out, put him or her or it or whatever in, and didn’t think, hey, if this person is a nimrod, why not just boot them?

    And of course, all they really wanted out of the bard was power regen, when we can do so, so much more.

    I was pretty pissed, that coming on the heels of some bad family news I had just received.

    FTH is the raid *I* use as a quick health check on the guild. When we do it easily, we’re in okay shape. When we can’t even make it past the second named, I begin to worry.

    @Stargrace — YAY TROUB! Glad you finally chose a main :) Not a halfling, though, is it?

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