PS3 vs Xbox 360… when did the PS3 become the better buy?

Because the PS3 is, as everyone is fully aware, incredibly more expensive than the Xbox 360, when I went to buy my “Rock Band”-playing system over the weekend, I chose the Xbox to save some money.

I got home and found I didn’t have a wireless adapter to connect it to my home wireless LAN. I had just assumed that, like the PSP, Wii and Nintendo DS I owned, that it would be built in. This is 2007, right?

No, it’s an option, $88 at Newegg. The HD DVD player is yet another option.

PS3/40GB 399.99
One controller included 0.00
One game included 0.00
Wireless included 0.00
Blu-ray DVD included 0.00
Additional game 59.99
Additional controller 39.99
Total 499.98
And for the Xbox 360:
XBox 360/20GB 349.99
One controller included 0.00
Two games included 0.00
Wireless adapter 87.99
HD DVD 169.99
Additional controller 44.99
Total 652.96

I’m just saying. I’m an Xbox 360 owner, not a PS3 owner, so don’t be bashing me as a Sony fangirl. But getting a similarly equipped Xbox 360 and PS3 system would cost you over $150 more for the Xbox — and with only half the hard drive space to boot.

Now you might argue that the Xbox has more and better games… and you might be right. And you could say you have no interest in HD-DVD *or* Blu-ray… in which case the PS3 is more expensive by a couple of dollars… but for those couple of dollars, you get Blu-ray, just in case you want to look at HD movies sometime in the future.

I was leaning toward the PS3, but my son is rabid about the Xbox so that was the tipping point. I didn’t know when I brought it home, though, how much it would cost in additional things, such as the network adapter.

So there it is. Shock of the year. PS3 becomes relatively affordable. Plus, in the package comparison, the PS3 lets you choose a game. The Xbox came with a Marvel comics game and Forza Racing. If you would have bought those anyway, that’s a win for the Xbox. The PS3 comes with a Spiderman game, and then to make things fair, you get to buy a game of your own choosing :)

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17 thoughts on “PS3 vs Xbox 360… when did the PS3 become the better buy?”

  1. It’s true that if you want to have the Hi Def DVD player capability that it costs more to have the 360. In fairness, you don’t necessarily have to have the wireless connection. I put a switch in my living room, and I have my Tivo, Wii, and 360 connected to it, wired. The other thing to consider is that the 360 HDD is upgradeable, albeit expensively. I’m not aware of a way to upgrade the HDD in the PS3 without voiding the warranty.

    You do have options, but two things are true; The PS3 is getting more attainable, and the games on the Xbox are still way better, and there is a huge online community for Xbox live. OK, maybe that’s 3 things.

  2. You’ll find that a wired connection will likely be faster and more reliable with less chance of droppage. i have a wireless network too, but i wired my XBox 360 to prevent disonnection in the middle of a multiplayer game.

  3. I have an old router that I’ll probably set up as a bridge. That’s something I can figure out, but non-techies will probably just use Microsoft’s expensive solution. My expectations, which were wrong, was that modern consoles would have WiFi built in…

    Once I find a spot to put the Wii and bring it back out, I’ll probably wire that as well.

    I wonder if the Xbox will be able to stream movies from my Linux computer? They’re mostly in DivX format. That would be really nice, instead of having to drag my laptop around the house to watch movies.

  4. The big contention between the two, that will remain for a while yet, is that the 360 simply has a broader and more interesting game collection. The race of which hardcore system will come out on top hasn’t really started yet, and it won’t until we see some more big guns hit the PS3. MGS4 and FFXIII will be said big guns Will they be enough to catapault the PS3 to loftier sales? Who knows. It’s certainly been an interesting console race this gen so far, what with Nintendo suddenly becoming the hottest name in gaming… I just wish there were more games on the Wii that felt like they were meant for me. I don’t want to have to own a 360 or a PS3 too just to get all the games I want. hence me playing the PC in tandem with the occasional Wii game.

    I hope Dyack and others are right and that we eventually work towards a unified console set-up. I’m sick of the console “wars”. Getting harder and harder to choose every generation.

  5. I own both systems and I got to say for gaming it is the 360 all the way.

    For little extras Ps3 all the way. The dvd upconverting to 1080P is nice, included blu ray, wireless, ability to use Linux, upgrade hard drive to 350gigs, painless streaming setup, doesn’t sound like a jet engine during playback, were all pluses as far I was concerned with my PS3.

    You can upgrade the hd in the PS3 they even show you how to do it in the instruction manual. It only voids the warranty if the hd you swapped in is to blame for it going poof.

    Tipa: 360 does not support divx (neither does ps3), must be wmv. There is a program that is suppose to help with divx streaming called tversity but I am not sure how it works. /shrug. After the nightmare I went through trying to get my 360 to talk to my vista pc I can’t imagine the terror you will have with Linux. If you get it working that would be sweet.

    I know with this post I sound like a PS3 fanboy but every night guess what console gets a gaming workout? It ain’t big, black and shiny.

    Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the two console generation.

  6. I read about TVersity, looks like it needs a Windows host, and all my stuff is in Linux. I bet I could write a Python script that would re-encode it dynamically with mencoder and then stream it…

    Probably a cheaper, better solution is to go with that TV-top Linux device that acts as a media hub, on-the-fly converting everything you throw at it to stuff your TV can display. Not sure if it runs on MythTV or what. Since I’ll be having an Ethernet hub at the TV/game area anyway, might as well put it to use.

    Thanks for the grats :) I haven’t actually used the Xbox yet. I’m still devoted to the PS2. But when Rock Band comes out, I imagine it will get more than a little of my time…

  7. I recently got the 60GB version of the PS3 because I heard the newer versions were not going to be backwards compatible. I was a freshman in college when the PS2 came out and honestly I was unable to afford the console market. Now I find myself going back over the last 4 years and purchasing all the good RPGs I missed. I have FFX, Disgaea and Kingdom Hearts on my plate right now. In all honestly I just didn’t hear about that many RPGs for the Xbox except Fable.

  8. Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, um… I don’t play console RPGs much anymore because I find them lonely. I imagine the next Fable will come out for the 360. I played the original on the PC a few years back and just got bored… it’s so dull when there are no people around to share the adventure.

  9. You’re also forgetting about the cost of online gaming. (No doubt your son will require this once the free subscription is up.)

    The Playstation Network is free, however Xbox Live is $50 a year. As far as I know, the 360’s console life is unknown, so we’ll go by the PS3’s projected life of 9 more years. Start with your $652.96 just to equal the PS3’s features, then add $450 for Xbox Live over the course of the PS3’s console-life and free online gaming. What do you get? The PS3 would’ve cost you the same $499.98, and your Xbox 360 raped your wallet for a whopping $1102.96. Talk about an investment.

    The 360 is definitely winning game-wise, but I have a pretty good feeling that the PS3 will catch up soon enough.

  10. Ahem…Oblivion? Morrowind, BC from the Xbox. Mass Effect coming out on Tuesday. KotOR 1 and 2, BC. Jade Empire, BC (amazing RPG, btw). Fable 2 will be coming out sometime next year. Personally, I prefer the 360 for RPGs, since I’m not a big fan of the FF style, which seems to be all the PS3 has exclusively. Still, the PC remains the best for RPG gaming. All those mentioned except Mass Effect are available on the PC, as well, plus a host of others I won’t mention now.

  11. Dude, I own a xbox 360 for over a yr, and just found out my gf got me a ps3 for xmas.. (reason why Im reading this) Im not sure if i should keep the ps3 or return it. I absolutely love my 360.. most of my hs friends from jersey has it, (i live in florida now) and i cant tell u the amount of time we spend playing halo3, and now cod4 on xbox live.. well untill i got the 3 red lights on my 360.. AGAIN!!! Ive had this problem last yr, and besides the horrible costumer service, they did send me a box, and id say between 2-4 weeks i had my xbox back.. it was a huge let down then, and even a bigger one now, since i just bought cod4, and guitar hero III; and i can honestly count how many times i played those games in 1 hand.. so yea, my question is, should i keep the ps3 40gb, since i dont have anything to play untill probably january, or should i return it and just wait till i get my xbox back? is it worth owning both?

  12. Horrible customer service? Dang, I guess I got lucky? Anyway, my 360 got the three rings disease and I contacted Microsoft immediatly. They sent me a box with everything I needed to ship my 360 which took three business days. I had my new 360 in another four business days. Altogether, I was back up and playing within 11 days.(weekend days included) So, I don’t know about the 2-4 weeks. Seems long to me. Anyway! Tell your girlfriend you love her and you are sooooooo grateful she got you the PS3. Keep it, use it for it’s Blue Ray and enjoy the 360 online experience.

  13. My son has endless fun on Xbox Live playing stuff. I have no idea of the community behind the PS3, but I doubt it compares. If online play is what you like best, Xbox seems the best deal for the moment. Single play — well, possibly the Xbox will win there, at least in the near term. It’s tough to predict what will happen to the PS3 — they had a fantastic price drop, and have a lot of plans for the thing; by the end of 2008, we’ll know if they succeeded.


  15. I own an Xbox and a Playstation and both are really good game consoles. Let’s see what are Microsoft’s future updgrades on its Xbox game console.~,~

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