Portal: Cake and a song

There’s times when everyone says you’ll like something, and that it’s great, but then you think it can’t be that great, that in fact it probably sucks, like a fast food joint you’ve never heard of. And then whenever anyone mentions it, you think, “meh, it sucks.” And then you start hating it, and hating the mention of it, and everyone is saying random things like “the cake is a lie” and chuckle, and you think it’s stupid, and the games you like are way better and not as common and stupid and also the people who play those kinds of games are jerks. And then years later you play it and say, hey, this game was actually good, why didn’t I play it back when?

Well, Portal is that game. If you have an Xbox 360, you gotta buy the whole Orange Box to get it, but if you have a PC, you can buy just Portal on Steam for $20.

And then you’ll get all the jokes and have the best single player gaming experience of the year. Fun, creative, weird… and it ends with a Jonathan Coulton song.

Don’t listen to the song before finishing the game :) But if you’ve finished it, and wanted to hear the song again (I replayed the final two levels just to see the credits and hear the song again), watch the YouTube video here :)

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