SUWT #12

Shut Up, We’re Talking! #12 is up. I had the pleasure of being part of it, along with Grimwell (SOE EQ2 Community Manager) and Tom-Tom from Gamer’s Mind.

Thanks, Darren, for being such an awesome host! Darren really knows how to keep the discussion going and moving to interesting places. I was positive I’d have nothing to say :P

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7 thoughts on “SUWT #12”

  1. Hey Tipa, off topic, but you mentioned you play EVE? I’m part of a very casual Corp, mining and mission running right now, lead by a husband/wife team and with a solid base of players. Not sure if you have a Corp already, but if not we can talk about it mroe.

  2. I don’t currently play Eve. I played it for the 14 day trial period, and really liked it, but wasn’t sure I could afford another MMO, either in time or money. I’ve regretted not signing up ever since, and I’ll probably find myself flying the unfriendly stars in ships named after my cat once again before too long — and when I do, I’ll look you up :)

  3. Grats on being on the podcast. I haven’t listened to it yet, i hope someone ask Grimwell some hard questions, like what is the square root of pie and if it is equal to squareroot of jumjum pie.

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